Tesla S electric car receives top marks for crash tests in Europe

    Remember the news that the Tesla S electric car simply broke crash test equipment in the US? At that time, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the top 5 stars to the Model S. And it was the best result for all the time such tests were conducted.

    Now this same electric sedan ... no, did not break the equipment again, but received the highest rating from European experts. The procedure for assessing the capabilities of a car in an accident is different in the USA and Europe, but the ratings for Telsa S are maximum both there and there.

    Earlier, Elon Musk’s engineers have already explained why their car is so reliable. The fact is that the car simply does not have a fuel tank, so the engineers built in long deformation zones that absorb a large amount of energy when the car hits an obstacle. In addition, ordinary cars have huge engines, and the electric car Tesla S has a motor diameter of only 30 centimeters. Such an engine will not break into the cabin, crashing the driver and passenger, as is often the case with a head-on collision at high speed. And the electric motor is located closer to the rear axle.

    The hood of the Tesla S is just an additional trunk. The updated version of Tesla S has now received the Autopilot system, which, using ultrasonic sensors, allows the computer to “see” what is happening around the car. The system is supplemented by a camera and radar, which improves the "vision" of the car.

    This makes the car even safer. Not surprisingly, in some US states, Tesla S scatter like hotcakes, so that car dealers even lobby for laws prohibiting Tesla from directly selling their cars in their own salons.

    Via: Tesla

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