E-Book for Reading Fans

    As far as I can remember, I always loved to read.

    In childhood, the best pastime was to get comfortable with an interesting book, and plunge into another world - lively, full of adventure, heroism, courage. Fiction, adventure - favorite genres. There is still a large science fiction library at home. Due to financial difficulties, it now has to be sold, but nonetheless. By the way, these people are pleased that, according to the announcement, they come somewhere to the other end of Moscow for the necessary book, which cannot be found in stores. Neither comics, let alone films with TV shows or computer games, develop such imagination, do not contribute to the acquisition of language and literacy, like books. “A book is a source of knowledge, a book is the best gift” - for me, these sayings are not ironic cliches.

    Learning without books is also unthinkable - school books, college, then professional literature. With the advent of the Internet, many resources, blogs, and interactive tutorials have appeared. But so far they haven’t come up with a replacement for a good, well-written and clearly structured book.

    The first advertisement of e-ink technology I saw back in the 90s, and was terribly pleased with such progress. With impatience, like many, I was waiting for the opportunity to have at hand a gigantic library that fits in a small device, with a screen that would not hurt my eyes.

    The path of e-ink was long and difficult, the first book appeared only in 2004, then there was the heyday of electronic readers - there were many different ones. But now for some reason there are fewer of them. Books appeared with a touch screen, players, devices with two screens - LCD and e-ink ... But the popularity of e-books is declining.

    Either people are disappointed in technology. Yes, e-ink has its drawbacks. A large update time, a small number of colors (color displays exist, but are exotic). But there are advantages. With daily dense reading of the book, you need to charge it at most once a week. As for the flowers - why are there many of them? After all, two colors are enough for reading the text, it's not comics.

    Either people began to read less. Now everyone carries the Internet with them, and the flow of information from social networks and news feeds - although it is low-grade, it satisfies the brain's need for novelty, and leaves no room for another. Unfortunately. People read what others write the same, and average their level - instead of reading good works and raising the level higher.

    I have a great Amazon Kindle DX large screen reader. But I still miss her. I would like a screen the size of a real large-format book - one in which voluminous textbooks on a computer topic are usually published, for example. If you proportionally reduce the page of such a book, the text becomes too small. If you expand the book and read half a page, it turns out uncomfortable - especially when the text is formatted with columns, several columns per page.

    My ideal e-book is with a large screen that accommodates a full-sized A4 page that reads any well-known text format, with open source software, and without any bells and whistles that shorten the life of the battery and are not inherent to the book from the beginning.

    In any topic on the e-book, I found support from people who would “buy” a similar device, if it was on the market. But, obviously, marketers of large companies do not recommend them to sell such a product - either they do not see the point in it, or in their opinion it will not be in demand. Contradiction?

    If it turns out that there is still demand, I would be happy to organize crowdfunding of such a project on one of the suitable services. I ask you to share your thoughts on the need for such a device.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What should be present in an ideal e-book?

    • 44.5% large screen A4 1062
    • 53.1% wifi 1265
    • 7.4% bluetooth 178
    • 4.9% gprs 119
    • 49.2% touch screen 1172
    • 5.6% qwerty keyboard 135
    • 1.6% shortened keyboard like phones 40
    • 66.1% physical buttons 1575
    • 3.9% FM tuner 94
    • 11.9% music player 285
    • 12% text to voice conversion 287
    • 5.7% Voice Recorder 137
    • 76.4% built-in backlight 1822
    • 22.4% color screen 534
    • 59.3% SD card slot 1414

    Does the world need such a book?

    • 33.6% where to carry the money? 642
    • 5.5% no, e-ink took 106
    • 14.6% no, too big and heavy 280
    • 11.6% needed, but crowdfunding will not raise the required amount 223
    • 15.4% project is too complicated for crowdfunding, a serious investor is needed 294
    • 15.8% think my current book is ideal 302
    • 3.1% e-books are a fad, ordinary ones are better 61

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