What do you agree to?

    Hey. Admit, which of you ever read the user agreement or the privacy policy of user data when registering on different sites before clicking "I agree"? Well, yes, almost no one.
    Yes, this is understandable - usually a person does not have a great desire to read dozens of pages of cunningly written text, teeming with all sorts of special terms and phrases, especially since the service itself will not get better or worse.

    And if we are so lazy to even read about what is written there, then what can we say about monitoring changes in these conditions for dishonest fraud and other things? But in vain, to recall at least scandals related to changes in the terms of use of Facebook or an interesting attitudeQIP developers to the privacy of their customers.

    So, today the Electronic Frontier Foundation launched a new project called TOSBack - a tracker for changing terms of use and non-disclosure policies of major sites such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Apple - only 44 pieces.

    “Some changes may be useful to people, but others may not ,” says EFF lawyer Fred von Lohman. “But Internet users increasingly trust websites with almost all information about themselves, including photos, friends lists, calendars, and even medical records. TOSBack is needed to help people keep track of these changes on sites that they trust their personal information. ”

    Sometimes changes in the conditions of use are noticed, but, unfortunately, most often we don’t even know what we are agreeing to. It will be great if this tool can help users to be aware of their rights (or, conversely, to be aware of their absence).

    via Mashable

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