How will the new law “On personal data” affect the Runet?

    Our lawmakers again "pleased" the citizens of the Russian Federation - from January 1, 2010. Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006 N 152-ФЗ on personal data comes into force , according to which the "information system" (in our case any site) cannot store and disseminate personal data without the consent of the person who identifies this data. Who can be affected by the new federal law?

    First of all, social networks, as well as all sites where during registration it is possible to indicate your personal data, may become illegal. Habr also concerns those. Theoretically, these resources can be bombarded with claims of “dissatisfied” users about the unlawful distribution of their personal data.
    Also under the influence of the law are database sites that collect and systematize data about other people - this is the opening of an encyclopedia, and sites with reviews. I myself am the owner of a resource that is subject to this law, therefore I am interested in this issue.

    If you look at the law more globally, then any owner of a cell phone becomes its violator: the contacts of the notebook are personal data, the owner of the mobile is the operator of personal data that processes them.

    In fairness, it is worth noting that a violation of this Federal Law, according to Article 13.11 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, entails a warning or an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of three hundred to five hundred rubles; for officials - from five hundred to one thousand rubles; for legal entities - from five thousand to ten thousand rubles.

    And of course, no one canceled our golden rule: "The strictness of laws in Russia is compensated by the non-bindingness of their implementation."

    Khabrovsk, what do you think?

    UPD extended until January 1, 2011 , but this does not change the matter - the law will still come into force, only later.

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