A new kind of fraud for me. Сripo.com.ua and article on the criminal activity of the resource

    Good afternoon, dear brave community.

    Today I received a letter of very interesting content stating that my domain will be removed from delegation for online fraud. It should be noted that the domain was generally recently purchased and there were no projects there.

    Under the cut, you can read the letter.

    Here it is (replaced the mail with “wwwwwww” and the domain with “xxxxxxxxxx”):


    From abuse@ucoz.ru Thu Oct 14 21:59:10 2010
    Received: from [] (port = 47101 helo = server.beast.kz)
    by mx97.mail.ru with esmtp
    id 1P6S56-0007pd-00
    for wwwwwww; Thu, 14 Oct 2010 21:59:08 +0400
    Received-SPF: neutral (mx97.mail.ru: is neither permitted nor denied by domain of ucoz.ru) client-ip =; envelope-from=abuse@ucoz.ru; helo = server.beast.kz;
    X-Mru-BL: 0: 3: 0
    X-Mru-PTR: off
    X-Mru-NR: 1
    X-Mru-OF: Windows (ethernet / modem)
    X-Mru-RC: DE
    Received: from apache by server .beast.kz with local (Exim 4.67)
    id 1P6S56-0001Na-
    0L for wwwwwwww; Thu, 14 Oct 2010 21:59:08 +0400
    To: wwwwwwwww
    Subject: =? Windows -1251? Q? = CF = F0 = E5 = E4 = F3 = EF = F0 = E5 = E6 = E4 = E5 = ED = E8 = E5? =
    X-PHP-Script: cripo.com.ua/index.php for
    From: abuse@ucoz.ru
    Content-Type: text / plain; charset = "windows-1251";
    Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 20:58:59 +0300
    X-Priority: 3
    X-Mras: Ok

    From: abuse@ucoz.ru

    Subject : Warningxxxxxxxx.RU

    Good afternoon admin of the site www.xxxxxxxx.ru
    I am Support iName.ua, the main registrar of domain names in Ukraine, and the general sponsor of the electronic newspaper "Ukraine Criminal »(Cripo.com.ua), as well as the co-founder of several major hosting projects in Ukraine, I declare to you, as a representative of the Internet resource xxxxxxxxx.ru, that we have incriminating materials regarding your activities on the Internet!
    In order for your domain xxxxxxxxx.ru not to be removed from delegation by your registrar, we suggest that you voluntarily transfer it to our bulletproof site IName, i.e. You must complete the transfer of the domain name xxxxxxxxx.ru, on our website atiname.ua/transfer.php and you must complete this no later than October 31!
    And also, if you don’t want cripo.com.ua (cripo.info) to publish an article about the criminal activity of the admin of the resource xxxxxxxx.ru that is being prepared for publication, and also, if you wish, to voluntarily contribute to the fight against Internet fraud mechanisms You must order our hosting for a period of at least 6 months. You can do this on the iname.ua/hosting.php page , then send us a report to keras.in/index/0-3 , indicating your domain xxxxxxxx.ru, to delete the above article from cripo.com.ua
    If you sincerely repent and want to help us combat fraud on the Internet, but at the moment you do not have the necessary amount of money for the operations described above, you can get a 30-day delay by submitting a request for a delay on the keras.in/index website / 0-3 , having previously posted the following links on all pages of your site:
    iName.ua - A COOL registrar of COOL domain names! (http://iname.ua/)
    iName.ua & MiroHost.net - Hosting - IS! Abuses - NO! (http://iname.ua/hosting.php)
    Scam from Gullon (http://cripo.com.ua/?sect_id=7&aid=89293)
    Deception from Gullon (http://softoroom.net/topic66360.html)
    Kidalovo from gullon.eu (http://govori.info/Scandals/695--gullon-lr.html)
    Gullon Fraud (http: // frichx. Blogspot.com/2010/03/gullon-balconi-spa-zott-gmbh-co-kg.html)
    Source KERAS.IN: Gullon Fraud (http://keras.in/ news / ocherednoj_lokhotron_ot_psevdokompanii_gullon / 2010-03-15-39)
    Information bureau SAITER.RU: Gullon are scammers! (http://saiter.ru/otzyvy/site/gullon.eu/?id=4796)
    Information RTKORR.COM: Gullon is a gang of criminals! (http://rtkorr.com/news/2010/03/06/110822.new)
    News UBRUTE.COM: Kidalovo from gullon.eu (http://ubrute.com/showthread.php?t=802)


    I understand that this is stupidity and a scam of pure water, but there are several questions:

    who has already encountered this, what an adequate response to this provocation can be, what really ucoz.ru and cripo.com.ua are related to thisiname.ua ?

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