Interesting weekend events

    As usual on Monday, a small selection of news and events that you might miss on the weekend.

    The Vivaldi browser that came out last week was already running in, and an interview with Computerra Jon Stephenson von Techner, the former director of Opera Software and the founder of appeared

    on Geektimes about why the films have got an orange-blue palette in recent years.
    There is also a conversation with cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov.

    Finally, RBC reports two important news at once:

    1. On the Russian market, according to the latest data, the share of only one search engine is increasing - Google. Analysts attribute this to the company's focus on providing convenient mobile searches and embedded Android applications.
    2. Spotify, rumored to be about to open an office in Russia, changed its mind . There are many reasons: from difficulties with copyright to a weakening ruble.

    Have a nice monday!

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