American company claims bankruptcy of Samsung Electronics Rus Company

    The developer of the Instant Message service Instant Banking requires bankruptcy of Samsung Electronics Rus Company LLC. Samsung refused to preinstall the messenger on smartphones sold in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and now, according to the agreement of 2010, it owes the developer 30 thousand euros for each of 263 models with another messenger - ChatOn.

    The Moscow Arbitration Court decided to recover a fine of 7.89 million euros from the company; the appellate court upheld the decision. The cassation meeting is scheduled for March 2.


    In 2010, Samsung Electronics Rus Company LLC entered into an agreement with Top Space Enterprises to pre-install Instant Message application on all Samsung smartphones sold in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In 2013, the company unilaterally refused the contract and began to install an instant messenger of its own production. Under the agreement, the penalty for each model with a messenger from another manufacturer is 30 thousand euros, and Samsung released 263 models of devices with ChatOn.

    In October 2014, the Moscow Arbitration Court decidedrecover from the Samsung subsidiary in favor of Top Space Enterprises a debt of 52 thousand euros, a penalty in the form of 7.89 million euros and 200 thousand rubles for the costs of paying the state duty. The appellate court upheld the decision, the appeal hearing will be held in March.

    On January 28, Top Space Enterprises demanded that Samsung Electronics Rus Company be declared bankrupt. The date of the trial court has not yet been set.

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