In 2014, six and a half times more benefited from municipal services on the Gosuslug portal than in 2013

    The results of the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services in 2014 were summed up , the Ministry of Communications said . Over the past year, the number of services ordered increased to 339 thousand, by 112% compared with 2013. Portal users used municipal services 394 thousand times - in 2013 this figure was 53 thousand. Users ordered federal services 16.8 million times compared to 12.9 the year before last.


    In 2014, the number of portal users grew to 13 million people. The leader of penetration is Primorsky Krai: 31.56% of the region’s inhabitants are registered on the portal. Over the past year, the portal has provided access to 144 new services, including appointments with doctors, kindergartens, and tax returns. The most popular services are checking traffic police fines, tax arrears and issuing passports.

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