Google Wallet Expands

    More recently, Apple introduced its own payment system Apple Pay, which immediately began to actively promote. Now with the help of this system you can pay in many stores and restaurants, including McDonald's, Walgreens, and Macy's. This payment system has every chance of success, given the huge audience of users of Apple devices.

    Nevertheless, this system has a serious competitor, which gradually spreads its wings. This is Google Wallet, another payment system that not everyone remembers. But it’s worth remembering - after all, now Google Wallet has concluded a cooperation agreement with WePay, a payment aggregator that manages payments on most platforms. Thanks to WePay, many companies have the opportunity to conduct online transactions.

    Now Google Wallet has very wide opportunities, and the corporation plans to use them to work with small and medium-sized businesses, allowing companies and individuals to make and accept payments online, from any mobile device. In other words, WePay users can now accept Google Wallet payments on their sites, as well as through mobile applications.

    Now, just like with Apple Pay, Google Wallet allows you to pay for purchases in stores and bars. For example, you can pay for coffee taken from a small coffee shop from your phone. You can pay for calling a car through Uber. Networks like Wish, Summon, and Sidecar now also support Google Wallet. WePay has a 20% share of mobile payments, which is a very positive development for Google Wallet.

    Despite the fact that Google Wallet is still behind in the development of Apple Pay and some other systems, this service has shown that its capabilities are far from exhausted, there is potential for development, and it is quite large.

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