Free educational workshops at the Mail.Ru Group office


    In November and December, we have prepared for you a series of educational free workshops " Open Workshop " from GeekBrains on the most popular digital areas: programming, marketing, web design and project management. Everyone will be able to meet with teachers, get new knowledge and consolidate them in practice. The best students will receive free training as a gift.

    Participation in workshops will be useful for both digital beginners and experienced professionals, as well as anyone open to new knowledge. The duration of each class is one and a half hours. During this time, students will perform a practical task with a mentor and get full experience for their portfolio. Mentors are teachers and curators of educational programs GeekBrains: experienced specialists Mail.Ru Group and partner companies. The authors of the best works will receive a free course as a gift.

    Workshop program in November:

    - November 7th. The first experience with Python. Parsing these sites
    Alexander Sinichkin, team leader and development architect, Usetech

    Learn the basics of Python, its features, pros and cons. Install the application and plunge into work with this language.

    - November 14th. How to find yourself in the industry of eSports and learn how to make money
    Ivan Wozniak, Head of eSports in Mail.Ru Group

    Let's tell about the structure of eSports: who is responsible for what, how to work with the team. Let's talk about sponsors, about monetization of streams and cybersport events. At the workshop you can produce your project.

    - November 14th. Workshop for Product Managers. Create MVP
    Natalia Konovalova, Product Manager Search Mail.Ru

    In the group work format, the guests of the workshop put forward a hypothesis, test it, describe the MVP of the potential product and build metrics for its evaluation. As a result: MVP online laboratory accepting biomaterial through courier services.

    - November 23 Workshop for Product Managers. Product Analyst
    Ilya Vorobyev, Product Manager, Delivery Club

    What topics we consider:

    • What is product analytics and why is it important?
    • A bit of theory: arithmetic mean, median, correlation, etc.
    • Grocery metrics.
    • User segmentation.
    • Why do we need experiments and what is statistical significance?
    • Tools and dashboards.
    • Recommendations for immersion in analytics.

    Workshops will be held in the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group. Limited number of seats. For those who can not attend, there is an online broadcast.

    You can view the schedule of the nearest workshops, register for them and follow the program updates here .

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