Event Digest for HR-specialists in IT in November 2018

    November this year pleased the Muscovites with quite winter weather, so the approach of winter is felt more than ever. By the way, the international IT HR Forum in Kharkiv was added to events in Moscow and St. Petersburg this month, which cannot be missed. In addition, there are still a lot of webinars and online courses to expand your horizons, without leaving your office or home, and gain new knowledge at the end of the year.

    Stay tuned for post updates, event announcements for the second half of the month will be added later.

    7th International IT HR Forum: HR TECH & DIGITAL

    When: November 7, 10:00
    Where: Kharkov, st. Plekhanovskaya, d. 65
    Conditions of participation: from 5,600 rubles for the ECONOM package, 2,800 rubles for the video recording
    Organizer: IT Recruitment & Management 3.0 The

    forum is the largest profile event in Ukraine and the CIS.

    Key topics:

    1. Digital in HR: predictive analytics in HR, chat bots to help HR, VR and AR in employee training, an online platform for gamification.
    2. Digital recruitment: tips and tricks for sourcing and recruiting; recruitment cloud technologies; social search.
    3. Employer brand: promotion tools, communication platforms and performance evaluation; design thinking; HR marketing tools.
    4. HR Tech & Innovation: innovations in the automation of recruitment processes and personnel management.

    Details and registration

    HR IT MeetUP: Guests from the Future (mitap)

    When: November 9, 9:30
    Where: St. Petersburg, ul. Lev Tolstoy 1-3-3 Participation
    terms: free
    Organizer: SHL Russia & CIS

    Topics and speakers:

    1. Technology talent: trends, benchmarks, best practices and tools - Irina Zarina, CEO of SHL Russia & CIS;
    2. Technology talent: skills and specialization today and tomorrow - Ruben Harutyunyan, Director of IT Department, SHL Russia & CIS.

    Participants of the expert session:

    • Vyacheslav Borilin, Kaspersky Lab;
    • Natalia Khametdulova, Yandex.Money;
    • Daria Tsiruleva, Corus Consulting;
    • Olga Filatova, ex. Mail.ru Group;
    • Elena Starodubtseva, Transas / Wartsila.

    Case studies from DataArt, Kaspersky Lab and Corus Consulting are planned in the mitap program.

    Details and registration

    Recruitment in IT: how to get into the industry and work successfully in it (online course)

    When: beginning November 14, 19:00
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: 21 000 rubles
    Organizer: LABA Course


    • Introduction to IT recruiting;
    • How to find a good frontend developer;
    • How to find a good Python developer;
    • How to find a good C ++ developer;
    • How to find a good Java developer;
    • How to find a good PHP developer;
    • How to find Perl / Ruby developers;
    • How to find a good developer of mobile applications;
    • How to find a good DevOps;
    • How to find a good developer of artificial intelligence;
    • How to find a good tester and project manager;
    • The selection process.

    Details and registration

    Open Day Course IT-Recruiter (webinar)

    When: beginning November 14, 20:00
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: OTUS The

    teacher will tell about the IT-Recruiter course program, which will begin on November 19, the training format and prospects for graduates. Also among those who passed the entrance test will be held a draw of nice gifts.

    Nina Vardanyan, teacher of the IT-Recruiter course, is holding an open day.

    Details and registration

    Setting targeted advertising for a job (webinar)

    When: November 15, 5:00 pm
    Where: Online
    Participation conditions: 1,350 rubles
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    The seminar will cover social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte.

    Seminar program:

    1. Overview of the advertising office.
    2. Configure audiences. In this block, we will look at the algorithm for creating the necessary content on a Muditorium by job, activity, workplace, and other important details.
    3. The goals of the campaign. Difference and opportunity.
    4. Set up an ad. Formula for compiling text and image selection. Review editors Canva and Crello.
    5. Formula viral ads.
    6. Budgeting advertising campaign.
    7. Advertising campaign analytics.
    8. An additional topic on the new Facebook network option is the creation and promotion of a job.

    Details and registration

    Non-conference TruKyiv 2018

    When: November 16, 10:00
    Where: Kiev, st. Vladimirskaya 49A
    Conditions of participation: 4,200 rubles
    Organizer: INDIGO

    Recruiting a healthy person is a beautiful, eco-friendly and informed process. Therefore, the main topic of the conference is Healthy Recruiting.

    #tru is a series of non-conferences organized around the world, where the emphasis is on communication and the free exchange of ideas and experiences. The #tru non-conferences were founded in November 2009 by Bill Burman (UK).

    Expected 100 Tru-recruiters and 15 track leaders.

    Details and registration

    "Immersion in IT-recruitment" (online course)

    When: November 19, 19:00
    Where: Online
    Participation conditions: 8,000 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    9 blocks, 2 hours each, will be included in the dive:

    1. Technical certificates for IT recruiters;
    2. Development architecture;
    3. UX / UI design;
    4. Digital Recruitment;
    5. Content marketing and correspondence with candidates;
    6. Productive sourcing;
    7. We find rare candidates (Executive search and headhunting in IT);
    8. Technical interview;
    9. Work with the customer.

    Details and registration

    IT-Recruiter (online course)

    When: November 19, 20:00
    Where: Online
    Participation conditions: 45 000 rubles
    Organizer: OTUS

    Course on the features of the selection of IT staff and how to build an employer brand, where you can learn to search, find and hire the right employees by formulated requests, develop the employer's brand and understand the specifics of the selection of IT-specialists.


    • Nina Vardanyan, EPAM Recruitment Specialist;
    • Faina Lerner, Director of Recruitment, EPAM;
    • Nikolay Davydov, a recruiter in a startup;
    • Julia Sanina, Head of Mail.Ru Group;
    • Yegor Yatsenko, representative of the recruitment agency "Wanted: Profi".

    Details and registration

    Formula for writing and promoting jobs in social networks (webinar)

    When: November 20, 5:00 pm
    Where: Online
    Conditions for participation: 1,350 rubles
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    In the webinar program:

    1. The formula is a good job. Examples of working / non-working vacancies.
    2. Features of the creation of texts for social networks and the algorithm of their distribution.
    3. Rules for writing and writing a job. The formula is "simple and effective."
    4. Tools for visualizing a job: the amount of text, visual elements, the ratio of elements in terms of social network rules and the perception of candidates.
    5. Tools for the promotion of vacancies and the formation of coverage: hashtags, hyperlink references to companies, targeted advertising, groups, opinion leaders.

    Details and registration

    Search and attraction of staff in the social. networks (workshop)

    When: November 21, 18:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Narodnaya, 8
    Conditions for participation: 3,500 rubles
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    Webinar on how to analyze potential candidates, how to find them and how to get in touch so as not to get banned or run into rudeness.

    Webinar program:

    • Algorithms for finding specialists: by field of activity, by company, by interest.
    • List of ideas ideas by keywords and their combinations.
    • List of hashtags.
    • List of opinion leaders.
    • Sourcing: x-ray, boolean search.
    • Algorithm of writing a letter to the candidate in order not to be blacklisted.

    Details and registration

    How to find IT? (webinar)

    When: November 22, 6:30 pm
    Where: Online
    Participation conditions: 3,000 rubles
    Organizer: “Valuable experience”

    At the webinar you will learn how to navigate the modern IT labor market, take into account its specifics and trends in selecting how to search for IT specialists not only on job resources, as well as on social networks, professional communities and on the open spaces of the Internet, as well as how to minimize budgets and search time.

    Training program:

    • Receipt of application
    • Profile candidate  
    • Writing a job text   
    • Job Placement
    • Search for candidates
    • Interview
    • IT recruiting. General

    Details and registration

    Big recruiting (presentation)

    When: November 22, 17:00
    Where: ... Moscow, Bersenevskaya Nab 6, page 3
    Participation: free
    Organizer: Hantflou

    organizers did not disclose the program of the event, but they promise to show a lot of new products, and make a big statement that will change the market for CRM for recruiting in Russia.

    Hurry up, the number of places is limited!

    Details and registration

    IV All-Russian Forum IT HR Russia 2018

    When: November 27, 10:00
    Where: Moscow, 1st Zachatievsky Lane, 4
    Participation conditions: 13,900 rubles for online broadcast + recording, from 34,900 rubles for the Standard package
    Organizer: B2B Forum

    Key topics :

    • Digital Transformation. IT and HR aspects;
    • New IT management approaches;
    • Search and selection of IT-specialists;
    • Integrated development of IT staff;
    • Automation of staff recruitment;
    • Automation learning system;
    • Automation talent management;
    • Automation of personnel assessment;
    • Automation analytics in HR;
    • Automation motivation system.

    Details and registration

    If the developer says no (webinar)

    When: November 28, 15:00
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: AmazingHiring Discussion


    • Basic rules for dealing with objections;
    • Different strategies for responding to a candidate’s disinterest;
    • What is the right thing to do if there are no chances to continue working with the candidate?

    The webinar is conducted by Narek Aslikian - Business Development Manager, AmazingHiring.

    Details and registration

    TechRec Family in Moscow (mitap)

    When: November 28, 19:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya, d. 36, p. 6
    Conditions of participation: 500 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    Program and speakers:

    • Svetlana Petrovicheva, Founder of Get IT and IT Recruiter school - In the wake of Recruitment and Technology Conference in Europe, a review of Hacks & Tools;
    • Alena Pautova, HR specialist, ManyChat - What is DevRel and how does it help the recruiter's work;
    • Vitaly Sharovatov, Former developer, operating director of mysky.com - 90 minutes from the meeting to the offer.

    Details and registration

    Digital-HR: Growth of Innovation Projects (conference)

    When: November 29, 17:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Myasnitskaya, 13, p.18
    Conditions of participation: 5 900 rubles for participation, 2 490 rubles for video recording
    Organizer: #tceh

    Conference program:

    1. Digital transformation in HR. Trends, technologies, development prospects
    2. Experience of introducing digital innovation technologies in human resource management. The position of large and small businesses.
    3. Digital-HR. Services and projects of the future
    4. ProblemSolving. People who can solve problems. How to choose them from the flow of applicants?

    Details and registration

    About event organizers:

    If in our digest you did not find any events for HR-specialists in the field of IT, which will be held in November, please add them in the comments!

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