Minor SBM platform update version 11.01

    Serena released an update to SBM 11.01 on March 8, where it fixed the most annoying defects that were discovered in connection with the migration from Jboss to TomCat.

    Very little added new functionality:

    1. Control the display format of fields of the Date-Time type. In the SBM Composer development environment, a new value formatting option has been added - Use Date / Time Format from Locale. In this case, on the user interface forms and reports, the values ​​of the time fields will be displayed in accordance with the personal formatting settings for such fields - Long / Medium / Short. Previously, the formatting of time fields could only be changed in the development environment, and there was no text representation of the name of the months at all.
      • Long - January 18, 2016 10:01:49 AM
      • Medium - Jan 18, 2016 10:01:49 AM
      • Short - 1/18/16 10:01:49 AM

    2. Trend report enhancements. Trend reports have the opportunity to take the initial values ​​of date ranges for data analysis as parameters at runtime - Query At Runtime. This, in turn, opens up the possibility of embedding such reports on forms for various tasks where an understanding of the intensity and nature of the recorded events is required. Using parameters at runtime allows you to make reports more versatile and spend less time servicing them.
    3. Advanced delegation features. The function of delegating your tasks for vacation or time off received a new use case. Now the system administrator can pre-configure the global vacation calendar for employees, configure them for the delegation of tasks for projects and processes. In addition, delegation will now take into account not only the fields of the Owner / Responsible for the task, but also the fields of the Second Responsible / Deputy, which allow multiple values ​​and even groups.
    4. Extended functionality of the GetFieldValue () JavaScript function. For text fields of the type Journal, the function returns additional information - the author (name and identifier), date and time, text, the last record in the tape.

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