Your new ally in the sky Mavic 2 Enterprise

    For fans of DJI technology, the last three months have been rich in releases and presentations of new products. At the end of August, we were shown two models from the Mavic line: Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. October 15 introduced a modified Phantom 4 - Phantom 4 RTK, an indispensable tool for surveyors and cartographers. And today a new quadrocopter has appeared on the company's website - Mavic 2 Enterprise - which promises to conquer the industrial segment of the drones market, as well as the public safety niche. What DJI will interest the corporate consumer - we tell in the review.

    What changed

    You can hardly find any special differences from the recently released Mavic 2 Zoom. The specifications are identical: flight time up to 31 minutes, maximum speed (in calm weather) 72 km / h, signal transmission distance up to 8 kilometers, 12-megapixel camera with CMOS-matrix at 1 / 2.3, maximum video resolution 3840 x 2160 at 30p, Maximum video bitrate 100 Mbps, OcuSync 2.0, three-axis camera stabilization, obstacle detection in six directions, weight 905 grams.

    The color scheme of the case has changed slightly. Gray decorative elements on the front rays were repainted in orange color, which further indicates that the copter belongs to the industrial segment. Also, the drone's battery is equipped with a self-heating function - an indispensable function for working in low temperature conditions.

    Changes undergone and camera copter. At first glance it seems that this is a normal module from the Zoom version. Improvements lie in the characteristics: now the user does not have a double digital zoom, but a threefold one, which in combination with dual optical gives us the opportunity to magnify the image up to six times. This parameter will be most useful in an extreme situation, when it is impossible to fly closer, and it is vital to consider the details of the incident.

    And, of course, a small platform appeared on the back of the drone with screw holes and an interface connector for plug-in units.

    Plug-in modules

    Mavic 2 Enterprise is interesting precisely the possibility of wide customization. On the drone, you can install additional devices that are mounted on the back with mounting screws. Quick installation and the ability to change the module in a few seconds are the undoubted advantages of the drone against the background of other competitors' devices. Connection is made via microUSB connector. At the same time, the DJI Pilot application, designed specifically for corporate users, automatically recognizes the installed module and immediately provides access to the necessary settings. To date, three such modules are available for use in search and rescue operations: the M2E Speaker, the M2E Beacon and the M2E Spotlight.

    It is worth noting that before the release of Mavic 2 Enterprise, many people expressed doubts about M2E Speaker. The main concern was that the noise from the motors would dampen the sound of the loudspeaker. But, as we already know, Mavic 2 has become much quieter than its predecessor, and the replaceable module was made so loud (100 dB) that a slight hum of propellers would not interfere with it. You can direct the M2E Speaker using a special hinge down or forward.

    The loudspeaker has two modes of operation: playback of the recorded audio track and playback of the previously saved file. In the first mode, you can record a voice message for up to 60 seconds using a smartphone and a mobile application DJI Pilot. After synchronization with the copter, this audio file will be played through the speaker. It remains only to adjust the volume.

    In the second mode, the audio files previously recorded on the smartphone are played through the loudspeaker (you can remember up to 10 tracks in total). The track can be put on repeat or lose once. The flight time of the drone with the loudspeaker on is 25 minutes, taking into account the windless weather.

    There are several scenarios for using the M2E Beacon. The first is a reference point for aircraft pilots. For example, rescue work takes place in an area where planes can take off or land. A small drone is hard to see, but with a bright beacon you can manage to prevent an emergency. The second - for the missing, for example, in the forest, people. Rescuers no longer need to wait for permission to take off the helicopter. It is enough to run a kopter with a flashing beacon over the forest, find the missing and take them to a safe place. In the settings you can either activate the M2E Beacon, or turn it off. The flight time with the included lighthouse is 27 minutes, taking into account windless weather.

    The useful properties of the portable M2E Spotlight are very difficult to overestimate, and the areas of application are vast. With its help, it is easy to carry out search and rescue operations at night, use as a portable flying lantern when parsing debris, and when used in conjunction with Active Track 2.0 mode, light your way if your hands are busy. At the same time working with him as simple as possible: very few settings. In the DJI Pilot app, you can turn the spotlight on or off and adjust its brightness (2400 lm). The flight time of the copter with the searchlight on is 22 minutes, taking into account windless weather.

    Additional functions

    During the flight, Mavic 2 Enterprise displays and records GPS data, records the time and date of transfer of the image to the pilot's cockpit console. All data is securely stored in the DJI Pilot app. To access it and other functions, just enter your personal password. This login method provides secure access to its drone's internal memory, thus preventing the leakage of confidential information. Speaking of the built-in memory, it is 24 GB in a quadrocopter, so start rescue operations immediately after purchase.

    And you should definitely mention the DJI AirSense system. With it, you can track nearby aircraft, which helps avoid collisions.

    Thanks to its compact size and folding design, Mavic 2 Enterprise can be taken anywhere, and launched into the air in just a few seconds. This greatly simplifies the work of rescue and emergency services and inspection units. Moreover, using the example of Mavic 2 Enterprise, we see the emergence of a new commercial branch of portable UAVs. And DJI is not exactly planning to stop on one model and will develop this direction more and more actively.

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