Oracle will take part in the presentation of the program "Unified frontal system"

    Oracle Corporation will partner with the Single Front-End System conference on February 6, 2016 at the Digital October event hall. The event is aimed at Java / Javascript developers, architects, system analysts and information security specialists. In 2015, Oracle and the community of developers around the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of Java. During this time, under the leadership of Oracle, two major releases of the platform were released - Java 7 and Java 8 , and the release of Java 9 is planned for 2016. The Java Community Process (JCP) development process has become more open and transparent than ever before, and remains the key to the community of developers in the ongoing evolution of this technology.

    Almost the entire history of the platform, Russian developers are also actively involved in the development of Java. For over a decade, the Oracle Development Center has been operating in St. Petersburg. Engineers at the Oracle Development Center in St. Petersburg accounted for about a third of the Java 8 programmer group.

    On February 6, Oracle invites you to take part in the presentation of the largest single front-end system program, where leading developers and senior officials of Sberbank will reveal the secrets of a new banking business transformation strategy and tell how to build a completely new and effective platform with a team of 2,000 people in 3 years. Participants will be the first to know what are the distinctive features of the platform core and what new front-end solutions await users in 2016.

    The event program is based on the one-window principle: coupled with new technologies and modern approaches to process management, it will reduce the time for developing new products, increase the reliability and security of services of the largest bank in the country.

    The participants will enjoy vivid presentations, unique solutions and thematic brainstorming with leaders of the professional community and world companies. You will learn a lot about system analysis, discuss architecture and code issues with leading developers of the platform. The speakers will share the practice of developing secure applications and expertise in interface design.

    View vacancies and send an application for participation now on the website

    Online broadcasts will be held for participants from the regions, do not miss on February 6 at 11-00

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