Presumption of mind

    New place of work. All interviews behind. First work day. You spend to the workplace. There is already a ready-to-work laptop. You open the lid. Everything, you are ready to work. Your first task. You are approached by a person who must bring you up to date. He explains to you what needs to be done: a bug with a fix in 3 lines of code. Along the way, they help you set up a working comp. And now you start the task and you realize that somehow everything is wrong ...

    First, Webapck has been used for building frontend in normal people, at least Gulp. Have they not heard anything about Docker ?! They do not know how to write in Python !? Yes, and why is there in principle Python, and why is it still the 2nd version!? Here are morons! (There may be any WTF to your taste).

    Your thoughts are voiced out loud. But about the morons are silent, of course, still a cultured person. But everything is written on the face. In general, they themselves must understand. And everything seems to be correct. And all of the case. But…

    But you look like a self-assured idiot at this moment . Actually there are 2 options:

    1. You're really right, and you need to implement Docker, and replace Python with Go. It is even possible to dismiss everyone who made such decision curves. Or maybe close the business altogether and go away.
    2. You're wrong. And all decisions are verified, reasonable and logical. And you just did not understand the situation. Or decisions are not made from a good life. Or many more situations that were not immediately obvious.

    In the first version, you still can not prove anything. At least not on the first day. Or even a week. Or a year ... And in general, I have not seen a single case when people understood everything and immediately took up the mind. If you're cool, then prove the cool thing. And here is the problem. Usually clever at this point fall off.

    But more often I see the latter. People who were here before you most likely know more about you about the real task, conditions, restrictions.

    This is not a question of acumen or talent or even of the mind, it’s just a matter of time: people had more time to learn about a project, a problem, a task, a context.

    Repeatedly having been in such situations as with that (they have been written here) , and on the other side (the parties of Krivorukh who have been written here)Having filled a pound of cones, I formulated for myself the rule of life: All people are intelligent and adequate, if not proven otherwise .

    In practice, it means: try to first understand what is happening, and only then begin to criticize and propose solutions. For myself, I call this rule: "presumption of the mind . " It is absolutely universal, and works in almost all situations and for all people. It can be used, for example, with employees of the management company, and with colleagues.
    I have been living with a similar approach for a couple of years - it’s not as easy as it seems. But I'm trying.

    While I notice only the pros. With people, it turns out, you can discuss the problem. And, oh, a miracle, not only idiots are around me, and I am not the smartest; Idiots are found, of course, but on the whole less often than before the presumption is opened in me. What can not but rejoice.

    In general, I use it myself and advise you.

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