Connect phpStorm tasks to Bitrix24

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Good day.

I want to share the experience of connecting phpStorm to Bitrix24 for quick access to tasks and time accounting for their execution.

Unfortunately, Bitrix24 is not included in the list of supported bug trackers, but I have a need.

Let's get started.

The first step is to go to Bitrix24 and create a webhost.

And click " add webhuk "> " incoming webhuk "

Do not forget to specify in your rights access to the data " Tasks (task) ".

As a result, you should get the code, it will be required for authorization.

Open the settings phpStorm> Tool> Tasks> Servers

Add a new server like Generic

Go to the Server Configuration tab and click on the Manage Template Variables button ...

We need to add two fields userId and secretKey , make them visible on the first tab.

OK and go to the General tab .

Fill in the fields:

Server Url : https: //***
Check Login Anonymously
UserId : your user id in Bitrix24, you can see in the URL of any task in the system (https: //***.bitrix24. ru / company / personal / user / 14 / tasks / task / view / 6223 /)
SecretKey : The key we got from the Bitrix24 web hockey earlier.

This all should look like this:

Go to the Server Configuration tab.

Fill in the fields:

Tasks List URL: {serverUrl} / {userId} / {secretKey} /task.item.list.json?ORDER%5B%5D=&FILTER%5BRESPONSIBLE_ID%5D= {userId} & FILTER% 5B% 3CREAL_STATUS% 5D = 4 & PARAMS% 5B% 5D & SELECT% 5B% 5D = *

Single Task URL : {serverUrl} / {userId} / {secretKey} /task.item.getdata.json?TASKID= {id}

Response type : JSON

Match the fields:

tasks                  | result[*]
id                     | ID
summary                | TITLE
description            | DESCRIPTION
updated                | CHANGED_DATE
created                | CREATED_DATE
singleTask-id          | result.ID
singleTask-summary     | result.TITLE
singleTask-description | result.DESCRIPTION
singleTask-updated     | result.CHANGED_DATE
singleTask-created     | result.CREATED_DATE

It should work something like this:

Click on Test for verification.


Sorry it didn't work to form an issueUrl, no matter what JSON concatenation options I tried.

Well, of course you should forget about Post work item to bugtracker.

Have a nice day.

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