A selection of useful articles for iOS developers this week

I hope everyone has successfully upgraded to 9.0.2 and El Capitan. Already managed to forget from the presentation, what's so new. It is all the more pleasant to find changes. Tonight is the Cocoa Heads Moscow meeting. Great program. Do not forget.
By the way, on October 29, an annual meeting of LLVM developers is planned. Perhaps there will be something said about Swift and when it will become Open-Source. The Crashlytics dSYM September update can be downloaded via Drag & Drop. Support for changes in iOS 9, including BitCode, but iOS 5 said goodbye. CRASHLYTICS.COM MAPS.ME opened the long news code , and at the end a link to the repository. There for our brother there. CORP.MAIL.RU C ++ for students

Just the other day, the name e-Legion told schoolchildren about the profession of a programmer. Yandex course for children. If friends also come to you for advice for children, add to the piggy bank. In the fall, a lot of educational things start. All for the desk!

Homebrew in El Capitan
If you have a rights issue, it describes how to fix the situation and why it even occurred.

Top Secret Features in OS X El Capitan
A couple of trivial tips on the new version of the OS, it is enough to scroll through the memory to note: it is so possible.

Adds a bit of 3D Touch to the simulator.

Cast Free Arithmetic in Swift 2
Presentation on the problem of converting numbers in Swift. The problem is described step by step and a solution is proposed, although no panacea has been found.

Mocks in Swift via Protocols
Protocol-Oriented as a way to make a mock.

Adding Playgrounds to Your Xcode Project A
friend got confused and suggested a hack that allows him to use the playground with the code for his project.

More Pattern Matching Examples
About finding correlation in collections from Ole.

Eureka A
framework for creating forms based on a table. Yes, one more, but diligently done. On Swift 2.

iOS interview questions with answers
Bearded questions, already in 2013, but still relevant.

Beginning Mobile App Development with React Native
Suddenly, a whole book was found on React Native. They ask for money. Thanks for the tip @posipov.

MVVM in Swift
A little about how to use MVVM on Swift from Ash Furrow.

Concurrency in Go style for Swift. Looks pretty interesting.

ABFRealmMapView Real- time
clustering of data stored in Realm on MKMapView.

Using Taptic Engine on iOS
Private methods that let you play with the Taptic Engine on the new iPhone 6s.

Pushing the boundaries of touch control
Reflections on what cool 3D Touch brought to users.

Keyboards Smorgasbord
Shows the evolution of the Shift button in iOS. There is a comparison with other operating systems and general observations about the keyboard.

San Francisco
After reading this article you will learn how San Francisco font introduced in iOS 9 is so good.

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