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    Hello dear inhabitants of the Habrahabr community!

    We are a team of Inoventica Services .

    We significantly updated and strengthened the team, gathering under our wing the best specialists in the IaaS services market, hosting and leasing complex IT infrastructures that are not afraid of complex tasks, use innovative approaches in their work and strive to bring the virtualization services industry to the level of world standards, making one of its main priorities is the quality of customer service.

    Inoventica Services has a powerful infrastructure in the form of several data centers located in Russia (in Moscow, Vladimir and Yekaterinburg, and we will not stop there) and its own data transmission channels, and the existing server and network equipment, data storage equipment and DDoS protection equipment -attack has been completely updated. All this is done in order to bring our cloud services closer to you, our existing and future subscribers.


    Hosting services, VDS on the Microsoft Hyper-V R3 and Linux platform in the data centers of Moscow and Vladimir are already available for you. And our prices will pleasantly surprise you!

    Already, we are developing, implementing and operating IT infrastructures that ensure the protection of personal data, hosting highly loaded application information systems, software development, CRM systems, etc.
    Our company has been providing IT services for more than 15 years and during this time we have accumulated a large number of interesting and useful developments, cases and thoughts, and we will definitely share all of this here with you!

    And a little about our team, more precisely about that part of it, which will be actively present at Habré.

    Ponomareva Olga. CEO of Inoventica Services. Graduated with honors from the Military Academy of Strategic Missile Forces with a degree in Automated Control Systems and the All-Russian Financial and Economic Institute with a degree in Commercial Marketing. Personnel officer, senior lieutenant.

    Boris Gulay. BoresExpressChief Systems Architect He graduated from MSTU named after N. E. Buaman with a degree in Computer Systems, Complex and Networks. Should have been an admin, but chose a career as a programmer. He wrote mainly in .NET and T-SQL. He began to work in the CSC “Specialist” at MSTU, then he worked in OJSC “NK“ Rosneft ”, OJSC“ Channel One ”. Inventika joined the Inosfera project (new personal account) as the chief architect of the project. Now, in addition to the development of the Inosphere project, I am in charge of the system administration department. I love sleep and food.

    Madonov Alexander. madonovLeading system administrator. Graduated from K.E. Tsiolkovsky, majoring in Design and Technology of Electronic Tools. I am engaged in the design of new and maintenance of existing infrastructures on the platforms Windows, VMware, Linux / Openstack. I am responsible for the selection and configuration of iron for our projects. Diagnosing and resolving problems that other support lines could not solve.

    Koshkin Kirill. consolkoSystem Administrator. I am responsible for the maintenance of Windows architecture, hardware (server, storage) and InoSphere hosting management system. He began his career in technical support of an Internet provider. The last 5 years I have been doing Windows administration, but I have to work with Linux as well. I like to delve into the hardware. Laziness is the engine of progress, so I try to automate the whole routine that I encounter in order to spend the freed up time on more interesting activities. I constantly study and apply new technologies in my work, this primarily affects the quality of the services we provide. In general, working at Inoventica Services gives me a lot of positive emotions! And in my free time I like to travel and glue models.

    Dorozhkin Mikhail. cosadesSystem Administrator. I am engaged in the administration of network infrastructure and systems based on Linux. He began his career with VoIP and NGN. Then he went towards Cisco network technologies and network equipment. He was engaged in the development and provision of services based on Linux. I apply all the accumulated experience for the development, implementation and modernization of various services.

    Belyanin Sergey. sbelyanin Leading System Administrator. In the IT field for over 20 years. He started as an administrator, there was a period of programming and database administration. Now the administration of Linux systems and network equipment. I am fond of photography and skiing.

    We will be grateful for your active participation in the discussions around our articles, constructive criticism, ideas and suggestions regarding our services.

    We are aimed at a positive and meaningful dialogue with professionals and amateurs, supporters and critics. In general - let's be friends and chat!

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