Watch the broadcast of Windows Camp today at 10:00 (Moscow time)


    Dear developers!

    We are pleased to invite you to broadcast the largest developer conference for the Microsoft platform - Windows Camp !

    When: September 10, 2015
    Broadcast start: 10:00 (Moscow time)
    Broadcast is available at:

    About the event
    Recently, on July 29, an official release of the new generation operating system, Windows 10, was held, which has been tested by several thousand developers. The updated Windows Store and Visual Studio 2015 became available with the new OS, opening up unique opportunities for developers to create the latest applications for users from all over the world.

    We decided to conduct a Windows Camp and give Russian developers the opportunity to hear live the latest and most interesting from leading technology experts. At the event, you will learn all about how to develop applications on Windows 10, about the capabilities of the new version of the most powerful development environment for Windows - Visual Studio 2015, and we will also tell how we see and make the Internet of things using Microsoft technologies.

    At the conference you are expected:
    • deep immersion in the latest technology,
    • Technical reports on key Microsoft products, technologies and solutions,
    • You can also ask questions to experts online and get answers to them during the broadcast.

    Watch the broadcast of Windows Camp and wait for the special QR code, by clicking on which you can activate a unique badge! #wincamp #dvlup The

    full conference program is available on the site .

    Windows Camp Team

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