Is telephony cheaper than free?

    "Is free? It sounds a little expensive! ”- you get tired of fighting with such cries. It is also hard to constantly explain why a PBX is free, that it’s the principle of working to give maximum and that there are no thousands of hidden fees anywhere.


    From this summer, especially for doubters and those who want to find the price of PBX in tariffs, we have introduced paid tariff packages for Zadarma cloud PBX (while free conditions remain the same). Why it was done and when the paid rate can be even more profitable than we will describe below.

    A bit of history:

    The idea of ​​creating a cloud PBX came to us quite a long time, from 2007-2008. At the same time, the very name and principles of the Zadarma project do not allow taking money for such a service. As a result, the principle of “pay at least something” was observed, that is, to receive an automatic telephone exchange for free, it is enough to refill your account 1 time in 3 months for any amount. With these principles, we launched the cloud PBX in 2012. Later added convenience for large customers, if you replenish your account with a large amount (from $ 100), then the free time of the PBX operation is extended immediately for a year (for large customers, the PBX is also suitable, in this free package 50 extension numbers).

    At the same time, the PBX regularly acquires new functions and all of them can be used for free, but some resource-intensive functions are limited in number, for example, recording calls for free only on 3 lines.

    Is truncated functionality given for free?

    No, all features are available at no extra charge. Some are only limited in quantity (reasonably).

    The main thing that is given free of charge in automatic telephone exchange and not only:

    • Standard cloud PBX functionality (50 internal lines, transfers and call forwarding, incoming settings, multiple IVR, calendar, call recording, statistics, schedules, etc.)
    • Integration with all major CRM systems (Bitrix24, AMO, Megaplan, Planfix, RetailCRM, Salesforce, ZohoCRM, ZohoDesk, etc.) and instant messengers (Messenger, Telegram, Slack).
    • Tools for websites and marketing (click to call, callback, calltracking )

    Due to what is free?

    Business model Zadarma - give a maximum for free. It works solely through automation and scale. All the functionality is configured by the client independently (there are also instructions and support 24/7), that is, we try to minimize or eliminate manual labor in our work altogether. This is the only way to provide cloud telephony for a very large number of clients with maximum quality and without huge costs.

    On the experience of almost 12 years of service, our business model has justified itself and allowed us to occupy a separate niche in the market, being in the lead not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in Europe.

    And what are the new fares better?

    Here we will not surprise anyone with complex mathematical calculations. The recipe for a paid rate that is cheaper than a free one is simple: All inclusive . Not just all the functions of the PBX are offered in large numbers, but also the phone number and minutes for calls from this PBX and call forwarding and even the CallBack operation of the widget. That is, it is enough to fix one amount in the budget for a month and forget about the issue of telephony, even if it is a large office.

    Probably for this made a new expensive rate?

    Rather the opposite. First, they added all-all functions to the existing “Corporation” tariff (previously, it only had minutes for calls, which were also added). And, secondly, for small businesses they offered a half-rate "Office", which is almost 2 times cheaper.
    Also, we are no longer trying to tighten one tariff across the globe, there are separate proposals for Russia, Europe, and America.

    Examples of whom profitable

    Example for Russia:

    Office : If for example you have an office of 6 employees and 1,500 minutes of outgoing calls per month, plus you need a number and a cloud PBX, and of course integrate all this with CRM. In the sum will be released:

    • Cloud PBX - 0
    • CRM integration - 0
    • number - 120-210 rubles. (in large cities of the Russian Federation)
    • calls (with per-second billing) - 1.98r mobile (for example, 800 minutes) and 0.5-1.5r stationary (the remaining 700 minutes) about 2300r.
    • recording on all lines - 3 free + 3 for 50 rubles, total 150 rub.

    Total: about 2650r.

    In the tariff "Office" you get all this for 1700 rubles per month. In addition to saving 36% of the budget, you get time savings, because the budget is known in advance.

    Tariffs Zadarma RF

    Test of attentiveness, in the upper screen of the price when paying for the month, but on this when paying for the year . Discounts for payment for the year is another innovation.

    And if the office is larger? For package " Corporation " calculation even easier! If your office has more than 3,000 minutes of calls, or more than 2,000 minutes of calls to mobile RF, it will definitely be beneficial for you to turn on a corporation!

    After all, the corporation includes:

    5000 minutes: 2000 minutes to mobile and 2000 minutes to stationary Russia (and 1000 to other countries). For the cost of 1800 minutes of calls to mobiles!

    That is, you are given free of charge another 200 minutes to mobile, 2000 to landlines, 1000 to other countries, 2 telephone numbers , 20 lines for recording, and so on. "For what? Just like that! ”(

    C ) And if you need more? A “corporation” can be “multiplied”, while minutes are multiplied proportionally, the price is slightly lower and additional PBX services are slightly less (most factories have 1,000 PBXs per 1,000 employees and they are rarely ready to switch completely to the cloud, but this is already a topic for / cloudy PBX).

    Example for Europe:

    For Europe, the principle is the same, but the geography is vast and the numbers are larger.

    For only 22 euros (and if for a year, then generally 18), 2000 minutes are given, half for stationary of all EU countries and half for mobile 12 countries of Europe. (Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, France, Czech Republic, Sweden) and 2 numbers and additional services for automatic telephone exchange.

    Convenient for any business operating in Europe and with Europe (and not with one country, but with many). Similarly, there is a “Corporation” with 4000 minutes and it can be multiplied at least 10 times.

    For america

    For America, everything is a little different, there the minutes have become unaccustomed to counting and we have no limit in the USA and Canada , but a bit more expensive.

    Oh yeah, in all tariffs per-second billing. To count the time by the minute - disrespect for the business (after all, business is money, and money loves an account).


    Of course, Zadarma remains for nothing, we do not force anyone to switch to paid packages. But we are sure that the alternative is always good, all the more advantageous and simple.

    PS: By the way, until November 5, inclusive, we give all customers a 50% discount on the Office tariff package for all regions. Promotional code for discounts HalloweenRU (RF), HalloweenEU (EU), HalloweenUSA (USA / Canada).

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