The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 115 developer (on August 2-9)

    This week, Microsoft released a new tool for compiling iOS applications for the Windows Store, we met HoloLens, a new TestFlight came out, and for Android we started releasing monthly updates and new data on platform fragmentation appeared. Many other materials about development, analytics and design are in the new digest.


    Compiling iOS apps for the Windows Store

    In April this year, a very interesting announcement was made at the // Build conference, which showed the possibility of compiling and assembling ObjectiveC code for the Windows Store. I am pleased to inform you that now this technology and tools have become public, you can now download the components of the assembly of ObjC / iOS applications for Visual Studio 2015 and build the application for the Windows Store.

    Best practices from Google for developing Android applications

    In this article, I would like to briefly talk about the latest best practices from Google. I tried to highlight the most important points so that the reader could immediately understand what exactly a particular feature gives the developer.

    My first experience with HoloLens

    Frankly, I was not surprised by the almost complete absence of articles on this topic. It just so happened - people who have had the opportunity to work with HoloLens are unlikely to get a dozen in the whole country. Nevertheless, in the framework of the Imagine Cup in Redmond, which I was able to take part in, one of the first test drives of the development tools for this platform was carried out.



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