Unusual open hackathon

    Hi, Habr!

    We have already discussed Big Data and machine learning , now it's time to practice! You have already heard more than once about such a wonderful initiative as Open Data . Many hackathons and events have already been held, many useful applications have been made. Now this is done with the support of the first in Russia Data Science community MLClass.ru , in connection with which it announces a new unusual hackathon, which proposes to make a useful service by combining data from social services. networks and data portal data.gov.ru . We have many ideas and examples where, using only open data, you can do really cool things! Details under the cut.

    So, we recall that at the momentRussian Data Science community . A lot of work has already been done: a question-answer system has been launched for machine learning, storage and processing of big data, blog functionality that conducts data analysis practices from different companies that use Big Data and Data Science methods in their work, a platform is being prepared for holding competitions in the Kaggle format . We also decided to do open projects in the field of data analysis, in which, under our guidance, people will be trained to create real services. And as the first time, it was decided to connect to the hackathon of the Open Data Portal .

    At the event, we will show how,using only 1000 requests to the VKontakte API, find the top50 most influential people in the largest social network . We’ll talk about how you can search for extremism in social networks, analyze user behavior and most importantly - how to turn this into a working service.

    And now formally:


    The initiator of the hackathon is the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
    Organized by : Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation and CJSC Gosbuk
    Participants and partners :

    • MLClass.ru - Russia's first Data Science community
    • The government of Moscow
    • Open government
    • Internet Initiatives Development Fund
    • Dr.Web Company
    • The World Bank
    • Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation
    • Ministry of Culture of Russia
    • FTS and FTS

    As often happens, there will be 2 nominations in the hackathon:

    • The best open data app or service
    • Better visualization of open data

    In addition to this, as it usually also happens often, there is also a separate nomination of the Moscow Government for the best application or service based on open data from Moscow


    Among the prizes this time:

    • Prize from the company Gosbuk CJSC - 50 000 rubles
    • Special prize from IIDF - correspondence acceleration
    • Special prize from the Moscow Department of Information Technology

    Conditions of the competition

    There are not many conditions, everything is pretty standard - you need to have a fresh head and straight arms. More formally, it sounds like this:

    • Any team that has developed and created a software product (application or service) based on open data can be nominated for an award .
    • The software product should be publicly available, socially useful and, if possible, innovative
    • The product itself must be entirely developed at the site of the hackathon and should not be a development of an existing software product

    Time and place

    The hackathon is held at the site of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation , which is located at: Academician Sakharov Ave., 12 . We will start on June 26 at 10.00 Moscow time, finish on the 27th evening at 17.30

    So, if you want to spend your days off with pleasure, listen to good lectures on mathematics, machine learning, big data analysis - come on, it will be cool!

    And yes, because we carefully prepared this event and want to make it as high-quality as possible - we plan to hold it for a small circle of people, so it makes sense to register as soon as possible! This is being done HERE .

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