Hierarchical address book, change of primary e-mail and other innovations in Zimbra 8.8.10

    The beginning of October was marked by the release of Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.8.10. The new version of the collaboration platform boasts two important innovations at once. For example, Zimbra first introduced support for a hierarchical address book, which has many advantages over the global address list currently used in Zimbra, as well as the ability to seamlessly change the primary email address. However, first things first.


    The fundamental difference between the hierarchical address book and the usual global address list is the ability to present contacts in a structured form based on the organizational structure of the enterprise. The advantages of a hierarchical address book compared to a regular global contact list are obvious: the Zimbra user can search for the contact he needs, not only on the basis of membership in the enterprise, but also on the basis of membership in the enterprise and subordination. The disadvantages of the hierarchical contact book are also obvious and lie in the need to maintain its relevance. Staff turnover and periodic staff shifts in enterprises lead to the fact that the data in the hierarchical book of contacts may lose their relevance faster than in a simple global address list.

    Currently, the hierarchical address book of Zimbra is in beta testing. This means that the Zimbra administrator who wants to test this feature will have to manually install the module associated with it. To date, the beta version of the hierarchical address book allows mail server administrators to add and view organization data from the Linux console. It is expected that in future versions of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite it will acquire full functionality and will be included in the installation package of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

    The release of Zimbra 8.8.10 was named Konrad Zuse in honor of one of the pioneers of computer engineering.

    Another innovation was the emergence of the ChangePrimaryEmailRequest command in the zmprov interface. This command allows the administrator to completely seamlessly change the primary email address of a Zimbra user, while keeping the old account active, but associated with the new mailbox. Such an opportunity may be needed, for example, in cases where someone from the staff goes on vacation and someone else temporarily performs his duties. Instead of sending the password from the account, the administrator can simply change the primary e-mail address, after which the letters will start to come to the employee who replaces the vacationer. Also, this feature can be useful when changing the email address. The employee will be able to receive mail at the old address that appears on the old business cards. Zextras Mobile

    Userswho use the Exchange ActiveSync protocol will certainly appreciate the improved compatibility with Outlook. In particular, the beta testing support for the MS Office 365 subscription service within the locally installed Outlook 2016 is now official. In addition, the developers have added compatibility with the recently released Outlook 2019, but it is available so far, which is in beta testing.

    In addition to the above, in the Zimbra Collaboration Suite there are other innovations, as well as bug fixes. Fully with them can be found on the official website of Zimbra .

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