App Store style custom boot button

    Recently, there was a need to make a download button for video, the download stage itself was very similar to the standard application download button in the Appstore, but only the line showing the already downloaded data should have been outside. I thought that such a control might be convenient for displaying the loading of different things and that it might come in handy somewhere else - and put it in a separate framework and designed it in the form of cocoapods. Published under Apache 2.0.

    The use, editing of the code, the institution of the issue on github, suggestions for new features and sending the request pool are very welcome.

    For the default appearance, I took a look similar to the one that uses Apple in the Appstore (but what else?).

    Buttons can be customized and brought, for example, to such a state:

    Where this made sense, I tried to make it possible to edit through IB (IB_DESIGNABLE, IBInspectable):

    It connects like all pods simply, 2 lines are enough:
    pod "DownloadButton"

    The repository has a Sample project. Here it is
    The project is still raw, and it still needs to provide CI and testing.

    I would be glad if someone will use it in their projects.

    In the comments, I propose to discuss:
    What UI components from Apple applications do you use in your products, but they are not provided in the standard iOS SDK?

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