Useful things to "things": a small selection with low prices

    Good day! The next time allotted to us on Habré is nearing completion, and we thank the readers for their attention and patience. In the finale, we “gesture” more than usual: and now, based on previous materials, we have collected a small commercial selection of small and inexpensive geek-gizmos.

    A straightforward way to carry

    SmartPoket keys is two plates, between which a standard keychain can fit within 6 pieces.

    Despite the seeming confusion, each key takes its place and access to each individually is not difficult. This key house is made by analogy with the original KeySmart and durable material, which let "lose" in price to the Chinese, but greatly exceeds in strength: The

    Chinese "piece of iron" can, for example, be cut with scissors.

    The SmartPoket has two lengths: the enlarged plates accommodate large keys.

    Yes, and compactness can be estimated from the photo: according to this indicator, the key keeper also wins over other inventors.

    All the same China

    How the SmartPoket came about can be found here .

    14 in 1

    Details about this designer, we also already told .

    With a low price, it is quite an interesting sample of primitive robotics. From the set of plates, the necessary parts are successively disconnected in order to eventually become one of the fourteen bots.

    At the same time, mostly robotic arms or robotic legs are increased or changed: the main part with a solar panel and an uncomplicated mechanism remains intact.

    In general, it is possible to spend a fun evening or a few evenings with such a robot. It costs 799 rubles .

    Without the sun to move it in space, you need a halogen lamp.

    Rubik's Cube

    Much more intellectual puzzle, but in the spirit of the times: with a proprietary application.

    It works all without Bluetooth: the sides of the cube must be recognized by the camera in a special application in order to calculate the assembly algorithm from any current sequence.

    The number of steps can be any.

    In general, it does not work in the most complicated way than on the one hand it is inferior to modern “smart cubes” with electronic filling. But at the same time it is this way - much cheaper . Plus performs its function directly to the Rubik's Cube.

    The cube is made soundly: the sides are pleasant to the touch, scrolls without any problems. No complaints. We gave a little more details in the blog. As a gift - the most it!

    Another cube for electricity

    Allocacoc develops the design of everything in the world , but of course it owes its popularity to cubes. These cubes allow you to stick several plugs in one socket, in some versions of USB, but they do it in a slightly more aesthetic way than others.

    One of the simplest is a splitter with 5 sockets . A splitter with two USB is slightly more expensive .

    Each plug exists on its side, which prevents wire from becoming tangled and adds convenience during use. A good solution for places where there is no accumulation of sockets in one place next to each other. Zen's


    toy for endless drawing - " Aquaboard"The meaning is that after a few minutes (or even seconds) the water-applied image slowly and irrevocably disappears ... The

    deep philosophical idea of ​​this format is that you can always start everything from scratch. This should contribute to achieving a state of rest and harmony in the process, reducing stress and calming down. After the idea took root, a large mobile version of the Mini was created after the big tablet . The

    toy-entertainment will fit perfectly on the desktop, which was probably the calculation. Wide-scale canvases, of course, no longer to create, but to literally throw out negative emotions or to distract and concentrate - there is enough space

    Physical relaxation after emotional - BlackRoll

    BlackRoll- These are massage rollers that are popular with athletes around the world.

    They are used for the prevention and recovery after stress, and in some scientific papers, the roll training has also received the term: Self-myofascial release, or self-prevention of skeletal muscle and fascia dysfunction.

    Version «Mini» - one of the few "portable" that allows you to take it on the road and carry with you, anywhere. In this case, and no special training and training is not required.

    It is possible to train with the help of such a roller the muscles of the feet, the shoulder muscles, if you write a lot - then the brushes. So for pedestrians, and office workers such a device is useful.

    Some more interesting and useful inexpensive gadgets and accessories can be found here .

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