Deliverance from illusions

    I have long wanted to find a job related to the development of CAD programs. Because it is interesting to me and because I have a lot of experience in this field (20 years). And in 2010 my dream came true and I got even more than I wanted.

    And the first time I just fought in ecstasy. Favorite work, the opportunity to work at home. I had ambitious plans! At the very beginning, I sketched myself this plan in writing, Cobalt Next Steps.

    At the end of last year, Robert Bou, the owner of Ashlar-Vellum with his wife Julie, came to Kiev . And during lunch, I told him that for 2 years I had not done anything to develop the Cobalt-3D program. I specifically a little bit exaggerated for clarity. He was offended, of course, and told me that I promised to make an architectural module for the TurboCAD program in one month, and I did it for a whole year.

    What kind of illusions did I have, an impatient reader will ask?

    The illusion was that I thought that I was of some value for the campaign and that I meant something in the eyes of the company's management.

    Honestly, I have long understood the attitude of the company's management towards programmers. After all, the main developer of the program left the company about 7 years ago, beating pots with Rob and receiving his share of $ 3 million as a compensation.

    For the development of any program, you need a Product Manager. Often the main developer and can be in one person, if it is a small program.

    Any product must have a Product Manager that has a vision for product development. This person tells the programmer what to do. Or sets a task or develops a development task.

    Product Manager for our product portfolio.

    In Russian, the Product Manager is a trader. Therefore, please do not confuse.

    Product Manager is a person who knows the market well, the needs of customers and chooses a niche for their product. And he, of course, must consider the direction for the advertising campaign. In fact, this person is the most important after the director on all matters relating to his product.

    So, the funny thing is that our program does not have such a person for a long time. Our company has several software products. There is an owner and CEO, there is an executive director.

    There is a team that deals with the program Cobalt. This team has programmers, testers, technical support, and technical writer and designer.
    The head of this team, Director Vladimir, told me that our general trusts us and we ourselves develop a strategy and coordinate it. We have a collective intelligence.

    Vladimir does not understand the program and does not delve into the development process. Our directors are more involved in finance.

    It turned out in real life that the most important in the technical process of creating a product is a tester.

    Honestly, I cherished the idea to gradually seize power in my own hands and become this very most important person in the program - the Product Manager. It turned out that I still have to justify the trust and conquer this place under the sun.

    And I do not want to justify other people's expectations and win a place under the sun. For I have my own expectations and plans, and I believe that I have already occupied my niche.

    I will be frank to the end. I wanted to integrate into the Ashlar-Vellum campaign with my own House-3D program . My program has its own core and occupies a completely different (cheap) niche in the market.

    And they wanted to use me as an ordinary programmer (team lead). And there are thousands of ordinary programmers in Kiev - like uncut dogs.

    After working for 4 years I left the company on my own initiative.

    Just could not work, there was no conflict.

    PS: If it is interesting, then I will continue and write why until I achieved success with the program House-3D . I am currently working on a 3D-Coat project .

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