Which bike to choose for urban, country and extreme rides - an overview of the models Airwheel and Twitter

    Lovers of cycling often raise the philosophical question: "If you had to choose one universal bike for any conditions, what would you have stayed at?" And the community takes it pretty seriously, weighing all the pros and cons. At the beginning of the year, the editor of one British bike portal even spent a whole month of life to find the answer.

    Most often this question is set by cyclists who get to work on a two-wheeled friend on workdays, and on weekends they go to rough terrain. In this case, as a rule, a fairly good mountain or walking bike. In this case, the presence of an electric drive on it, quite possibly, will be regarded as a bonus.

    We will tell about such bicycles on the example of lines of two brands - Airwheel and Twitter.

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    Compact city transport

    Electric bikes have become a harmonious element of the urban ecosystem. Their global expansion originates in Asia, where they have gained popularity. Later, electric bikes "arrived" in Europe and the United States. Today, even the company Uber, for which priority has always been to travel by car, promotes two-wheeled electric vehicles .

    Bicycles with electric drives can be found on the streets of big cities around the world. They help to move, bypassing traffic jams. At the same time, the folding design of a city bicycle allows you to take it with you on the subway, if you need to cut a considerable distance.

    Airwheel e3

    Ford believes that folding electric bikes are the future of urban transport. Airwheel E3 bikes fit into this paradigm. They are small, relatively light, and when folded they do not take up much space in the car or office.

    Model E3 has an O-shaped frame, when folded it fits in a travel bag 50 cm high and weighs only 12.5 kg.

    Like other Airwheel bikes, the E3 has a set of functions that can be accessed using the app — location detection, vehicle diagnostics, travel information, and so on. Battery model is suitable for charging gadgets.

    Although the main purpose of Airwheel E3 - maneuver in city traffic and be Supermobile, there are enthusiasts performon it tricks. However, for any transport there is an extreme. The main thing is that the frame E3 withstands these experiments.

    Airwheel R3 and Airwheel R5

    We can say that this is the senior cousins ​​of the E-family. R3 and R5 retained all the same chips of two-wheeled urban transport - mobility, compactness, folding design. But they have their own important features.

    Let's start with the look - the design of the R3 and R5 is closer to the “traditional” bicycle design. They have the usual frame, which, however, can withstand the same weight as the E3 with E6. Two models of the R-family weigh 17 and 17.5 kg respectively, but when folded they are still easy to transport in the trunk or public transport. These bikes have wider tires than E-models, which means they benefit in terms of terrain.

    Of the unique features of the R series, there are several driving modes. At R3 and R5 there are three of them - electric traction, “classic” mode and hybrid.

    With the motor off, the bike can be used without recharging, obviously, while the cyclist will have to pedal independently. The hybrid mode saves battery power and requires the participation of a cyclist, but not as intense as with a fully disconnected drive (the electric motor acts as an assistant). Switching to the electric drive helps out when it is necessary to overcome an obstacle, for example, to climb a mountain.

    Bicycles for a measured ride

    Compact urban bikes have a lot of undeniable advantages — mobility and ease of transportation — but you have to admit that they are not universal. For long-distance races outside the city, bicycles of another class are better suited.

    Airwheel r8

    At R8, we did a separate review , in which we called it the R8 "nedopedom or rebike". Perhaps this is too familiar in relation to the model, but in general reflects the essence.

    A common scenario of using this bike was recently described by one of the residents of Reddit. He purchased this model as an alternative to the car in the warm season. On a bicycle, he runs 30 km a day on hilly and level stretches of road. Most of all, the owner appreciates lightness in this model (R8 weighs 19.5 kg).

    / airwheels.ru

    In terms of design, this is almost a classic bike, if you do not take into account the battery. As for the parallels with mopeds, here is the main class advantage of the R8. It is powerful enough to travel at a decent speed and overcome various obstacles, but it does not apply to the same requirements as mopeds - the availability of rights and age limits.

    Like the previous two models, the R8 offers three ride modes. However, this bike is more adapted to the “old fashioned” ride than the other Airwheel, - it is equipped with a Shimano gearbox (a cassette of seven stars). This allows you to adjust the force even when the drive is turned off.

    Twitter VS7.0-ER100

    This model opens up a conversation about Twitter bikes equipped with Shimano equipment. The solutions of this manufacturer are installed on mountain and road bicycles, including on models with electric drive.

    VS7.0-ER100 is the most affordable electric bike in the Twitter line, which is designed for measured driving in the city and outside the city. It is equipped with Shimano Tourney and Altus switches and brakes. Although they are considered basic kits, it must be borne in mind that almost all Shimano equipment lines receive regular updates. This ensures that the bikes on which it is installed meet modern requirements for braking and shifting systems.

    The bike has 21 speeds and, just like the Airwheel, offers three ride modes. But in the hybrid mode, the model provides for five more different options for the operation of the electric motor. By the way, the VS7.0-ER 100 weighs a little more than the R8, but it achieves speeds of up to 35 km / h and is able to travel on one charge in scooter mode almost one and a half times more - 30 km.

    Twitter VS7.0-ER

    In addition to the lack of the number 100 in the title, this model has a couple of differences from its “brother”:

    • motor power with a reducer 350 W compared to 250 W in the ER 100;
    • the battery capacity is 480 Wh / h compared to 360 Wh;
    • the maximum mileage in the help mode is 120 km instead of 90 km on the ER 100, and in the scooter mode - 40 km instead of 30 km.

    Thus, this bike is more powerful and tougher when driving long distances.

    Twitter VS7.0-EM

    This model can withstand more weight due to the design. It has speed switches and Shimano Alivio shifters. These are systems of a higher class than Altus and Tourney, which are considered to be a transitional link between middle-class and professional equipment.

    Another VS7.0-EM has a carriage motor. With this, it is easier to climb the hill if the drive is disconnected, compared to models that have engines located on the rear wheel. Plus, this bike is easier to manage, since the motor in the middle allows you to better distribute the weight. And if necessary, it is easier to remove the wheels from such bikes for replacement.

    / twitter-bikes.ru

    Twitter MANTIS-E0

    In addition to VS7.0-EM, Twitter has another model with Alivio switches - MANTIS-E0. It has 27 speeds, the motor controller is integrated into the battery. Structurally, this is a sports model that “fights” for every extra kilogram, trying to become easier and develop greater speed. Its weight is almost a kilogram less than that of VS7.0-EM (18.2 kg versus 19.1 kg).

    Mountain bikes

    It is time to talk about bicycles that are ready to conquer steep slopes, withstand serious falls and work to the limit in harsh conditions.

    Twitter MANTIS-E1

    The MANTIS-E1 is the first bike in our selection with elements of the Shimano SLX professional mountain kit. With the BL-M7000 braking system, this model is capable of more than going home-to-office. With its engine, the E1 ranks among the most powerful Twitter electric bikes from this list.

    The smallest design details, such as the presence of clips for cycling shoes on the pedals, tell about the MANTIS-E1's accessory to professional sports vehicles. The bike has an informative onboard system. All arrival data is displayed on a bright LCD screen - speed (current, average, maximum per session), the mode of operation of the electric motor, battery charge, mileage.

    Impalers driving without an electric motor can remove the battery. Then the MANTIS-E1 becomes just a good mountain bike (with low weight).

    Twitter AM26-E1

    The only two-wheel bike on this list. It is also equipped with switches and SLX class brakes. Depreciation on both wheels allows owners to experiment on poorly traveled tracks. Moreover, it is possible not only to conquer the peaks, but also to perform extreme descents and stunts. Its speed on the electric - up to 35 km / h.

    / twitter-bikes.ru

    Twitter TW-E9L and Twitter TW-E9W

    We conclude our review with two bikes with carbon frames. This material is chosen by professional athletes, as it reduces the weight of the vehicle and thus allows for greater speed. On the TW-E9L and E9W, the elements of the Shimano SLX premium kit are installed, and the battery and / or the motor are integrated into the frame, therefore they do not issue electric bicycles in the transport.

    Now it remains only to understand the differences between the two related models. Everything is simple here - the E9W has a more capacious battery (480 W * h), because in a hybrid mode it can drive longer than the E9L. E9W at the same time and weighs a little more.

    E9L and E9W is the place on the off-road - it is here that the advantages of these electric bikes are fully manifested. By the way, our blog has a review.in which we tested this bike in different conditions and even had a small crash test.

    A few words about brands

    MakTsentr is a distributor of Twitter and Airwheel vehicles . Twitter is first of all bicycles, and there are models without electric drive in the assortment of the manufacturer. And Airwheel is an endless experiment, manifested in a variety of devices - from monowheels to scooters.

    From November 13 to 15, you can buy (by the way, there is a delivery to the regions) any Airwheel electric bikes and any Twitter electric bikes (available) with a 10% discount .

    To do this, when placing an order in the office or on the website, say or enter the code word Habr2018 in the “Coupon” field (“Discount code”).

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