Programmer == creativity || programmer! = creativity

For the past six months, probably, the thought has not left me to write this particular article. Each time, seeing people playing various musical instruments in the subway passage, I wanted to come home and with all my characteristic determination express my thoughts in an article.


But when I got home, I took up my favorite pastime - making games.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I was more interested in spending that small part of my free time left after work on creating something new and, in my opinion, interesting. In most cases, this time has to be stolen from people closest to me - my family, which is very distressing.

But with your permission, I will continue.

So, today once again, in a late and dull spring evening, more like a winter evening (04/23/2015), I returned home in an electric train. In order not to fall out of reality, I read a couple of articles on Habré, looked at new topics on the coconut forum , and then started reading political news, but this time my jolla’s battery could not stand it.

The phone, treacherously blinking several times with a green bar at the top of the screen, made a nasty squeak and disconnected. I was left alone with myself. But now, just at this time, I saw and heard what was happening around me. A few minutes later, two young guys entered a half-empty car of a suburban electric train. I saw their reflections in the glass openings of the sliding doors of the vestibule. On the third or fourth word, I began to listen to the monologue of one of the speakers. I was hooked that they came to Moscow from Volgograd, just like me.


They were told that they had come for the sake of their favorite occupation - composing and performing their poems. This proposal made me think again about the creativity of programmers and try to express my thoughts. So, I will finally go to the main part.

Each time, seeing people playing various musical instruments in the subway or in electric carriages, the thought comes to mind: “Here they are creative people, they can easily make money on what they like best.” Perhaps at work they have to fulfill a range of tasks completely unrelated to music, but when playing, some get great pleasure from their work, bring joy to passers-by and get a certain amount of money for it.

Almost always an idea occurs to me: “Programmers are creative people, right?”


It seems to me that most of us who create something by writing code consider ourselves to be creative people.

Further, my imagination tries to draw in my head the image of an IT specialist, sitting in the transition with a laptop in his hands, intensively pressing keys with his fingers, creating some kind of program or library. In this case, the laptop is connected to a large panel where its code is visible. A guy stands next to him and looks into his laptop, with burning eyes, seeing what a cool code our hero makes.

Nearby, a girl with a flash drive on her neck holds a DVD jar in her hands and asks passers-by to give the programmer the development of his project. Several people paused, carefully examining the code on the screen. One of them, tipsy, says to the programmer: “But I washed down the code for sorting arrays using the bubble method.” And when he sees the code that appears on the screen, covers his left eye with pleasure and says: “Beautiful, you’re very cool doing it, you wouldn’t have to code in the transition!”


Every time I catch myself thinking that this is utter nonsense. Is not it?

I’m trying to draw a parallel between a programmer and other creative professions, but somehow I can’t. Perhaps for examples I use the wrong professions. But each time, the shadow of the doubt that the programmer is a creative profession / person is becoming more and more. My doubts are reinforced by the continued work on our game project, a person who is truly creative from my point of view - an artist and musician with a capital “A”.
And if in our project I was exclusively engaged in writing code, I would have put an end to myself for a long time, as to a creative person.

So, dear Khabarovsk residents, the question continues to torment me. Is writing code in all its manifestations creative?


More and more I come to the conclusion that a programmer is a translator. Mankind over the past seven decades has created many nationalities in the face of computers with their own languages. So that they obediently fulfill the requirements of people, humanity needs translators from the language of people to the language of machines. This, in fact, is what all programmers do at work or at home. And the more accurately the translator (programmer) translates human language into machine language, the better the result.


Machines are still too stupid to independently correct translation inaccuracies. While they cannot make decisions themselves, they thoughtlessly carry out even the most miserable translations that can harm them. The idea that a comparison between a programmer and a translator is more accurate than all the other comparisons makes me sad and sad.

I would like not to lose hope that we are still creative people. Or is it still not?

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