7 types of customers

Hi, habrovchane! Every person had to interact with customers. Someone more, someone less. Under the cut the brightest representatives.



The customer who considers himself the most intelligent, because "I have been in this field for N years. Do as I want." Very lucky if such customers are knowledgeable in the field of IT and offer reasonable things. But, alas, it happens extremely rarely. Most often, he wants to make sure that he is comfortable. The opinion of the rest does not interest him. If you do not stop such a customer in time, you will have to make a pop-up banner on each page, because "I want everyone to know about free shipping when ordering from 5,000 rubles."

When communicating with such a customer, there are only 2 ways:

  1. Convince the customer that he may be wrong;
  2. Implement all the "wishes" of the customer and forget this project as a bad dream.

I do not want and I will not

Some of the most unpleasant customers. As a rule, he is assigned to this “role” by the manager. The customer himself does not see the point in this development at all. If the reply letter arrives after 3 weeks, this is very good. When I try to find out the reason for such a long answer, he will tell you: “You know, I have a lot of work. I don’t know why we need this system at all. The general has again thought out himself, and I have to clear up.”
When dealing with such customers, there are only 2 ways:

  1. To interest the customer;
  2. Escalate the problem to the customer’s manager (but be careful, you can exacerbate the problem).

Sawed again the state budget

Such representatives are found only when working with government orders. In any convenient situation, they say: “Yes, x money was allocated for this system (they are often exaggerated several times). The money was cut again, for this money the system must fully fulfill all the duties of the whole department. systems. "

When communicating with such a customer, you need to accept and promise yourself not to deal with government orders anymore.

Another little refinement

Such customers are very common. They want to get Lamborghini for the price of Lada. Therefore, there will be a lot of edits and improvements from such customers. When implementing each new feature, there will be a request to make another 3. The best antidote is to fix the project's skoup, preferably with maximum detail. Such customers like to look for inaccuracies and, as soon as possible, ask for additional payments. functional.

I like to talk, really not on business

Collecting requirements from such customers can be done indefinitely. When you try to get an answer to a question in the format of "Yes" or "No", you have to listen to the story of the 19th century, smoothly matching the answer itself. Thus, the customer answers 1.5 questions for 1.5 hours. And if there are 6, then you can forget about a productive working day?

It is better to limit such customers in time. If this is a personal meeting - send a list of questions that need to be clarified in 1 hour. If before a personal meeting you need to clarify something, it is better to send a letter. No telephone conversations (unless of course there is no desire to talk on the phone for 1.5 hours).

I had to do it yesterday

These customers want everything at once. Deadline as usual was yesterday. They are always surprised that the additional functionality announced on Monday after 21:00 is not done on Tuesday at 08:00. To make interaction with such customers as comfortable as possible, know how to say "No" and explain the reasons. By the middle of the project, the customer can become extremely pleasant, since it will at least approximately represent the time of the implementation of his project.


These customers are the most adequate. Working with such customers brings pleasure to the absolute whole team. He understands the timing of implementation, a balanced approach to each additional functionality. Most often, he is immersed in IT and knows all the business processes of the project. The result is a cool project that is not ashamed to write in the resume.

If you have seen other types of customers, please write in the comments. All good customers!

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