Project Spartan is almost here

    A fresh update of the preliminary version of Windows 10 made it possible to enable the mechanism for displaying pages in the mode of the future Project Spartan browser, and it will also be possible to write interactive sites with system integration.

    How to enable page display in the new mode

    Verify that you have build 10041 installed.

    1. Launch Internet Explorer
    2. Enter about: flags in the address bar
    3. Select Enable Experimental Web Platform Features
    4. Click on the apply button at the bottom of the page and restart

    Windows 10. Use normal IE mode (Trident)

    Windows 10. Using Project Spartan mode in IE (EdgeHTML)

    Hosted web apps

    Hosted Web Apps is an opportunity to turn a regular website into a full-fledged program using the Windows system API. You will need to write such sites ... in JavaScript.

    Some developers for iOS or web developers have probably created sites that support the Add to Homescreen button functions on iOS mobile devices: we can fix the website and it will behave as a full-fledged application. You can use some system APIs, cache files and gain access to the device’s WebSQL / IndexedDB databases. It should be said that IndexedDB in iOS 8 does not fully work now .

    Returning to Windows 10, there you can add such sites to the store. Sites will be able to access contacts, calendar, notifications, and more. You do not need to write a C / C # application, just add the necessary functionality and turn your website into an application.

    Spartan on the doorstep.

    here you can read about the Project Spartan engine.

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