A hundred times the same thing


    The story of this comic experiment begins exactly from the moment when my troubled head, looking at the process of technical support and other cases of processing a large flow of requests, asked myself to revise this aspect in a more playful way: “What if you manually scatter a bunch of requests into some thematic baskets like things before washing or garbage in front of containers? ”

    Problem condition - question for answer

    After polishing the conditions of the problem, the essence of the future experiment became clear: a typical question is not waiting manually tobogganing response, and cast in a typical response cart or folding of the forks of the template response phrases.
    Fig. 1 Template Question - Template Basket

    The stages of the process in this case are not new: they are divided into the user and moderator parts, represented by the formation of the request (1), getting it into the raw stream (2), which is sorted by the moderator in the baskets (3), checked and confirmed (4) for notification (5 ) and publications (6).
    Fig. 2 Stages of the process

    From the point of view of the user, there is nothing new: after reading the current postulates that are divided into topics, the user, not finding the answer to his question, forms a request (1) and, after some waiting, receives an answer (5). In addition, it is possible to provide for the collection and publication of the same type of requests (6), if there are any reasons for that.
    Fig. 3 user script

    The moderator's scenario assumes that an untreated stream (2) is scattered along the existing baskets or formed along the way (3), verification and publication of the results (4).
    Fig. 4 Moderator scenario

    Ideas for an abstract example, in order to feel and polish this concept, several came: the reception of a deputy, a pop star or a military registration and enlistment office. There were other options, but I decided to stop on the pop-up memories of a character who would not be hurt by the convenient admin panel for sorting the endless incoming stream.

    Bruce's Reception

    How to deal with the flood of prayers when the duties of the Almighty suddenly fall on you? Bruce Nolan, the character of Jim Carrey in the movie "Bruce Almighty", tried a file cabinet and stickers, but in the end decided to use high technology. Based on my little research, I decided to make my version of the admin panel for Bruce.

    So, after the user sends the request, the message goes to Bruce’s receiving room, which may look something like this: If the application’s operating mode (default is “instantaneous”: the answers are immediately sent and published) it switches to “cumulative” (the answers are accumulated and sent down by the command ) - the session panel appears at the bottom of the page: To better understand the situation, Bruce can read the prayer in full or look at the profile:

    2.1.1 Instant

    1.2 Cumulative mode

    2.1 Unfolded Prayer


    After that, he can add the template answer from those that are in sight ... ... editing any array of text as desired, clicking on it ... ... or adding a message to an unplanned array by clicking on an empty spot in the text field or by clicking on the “Add message” button: If any the answer starts to be repeated more than once - a new template is brewing, which can be quickly created either by clicking the "Create a template" button ... ... or in the template editor by clicking on the "All templates" link, where you can edit or drag existing templates into a short list Popular: Made You can use stereotyped not only short phrases, but also larger volumes so that Bruce tells, say, some parable: If the case is ambiguous, you can redirect the request or postpone the decision for later:

    3.1 Folded answer

    3.3 Adding a custom array

    3.2 Editing an array

    4.1 Quick template creation

    4.2 All templates

    4.3 New sophisticated template

    5.1 Redirect to the devil

    5.2 Send a test

    The display of the template panel can be customized for yourself: Depending on the case, the newly made Almighty will be able to publish a response on the site or send an alert privately ... ... and in the case of cumulative mode, check the generated answers before bulk sending: Despite the power, there will certainly be misses or a desire to correct panel, so in the reception you can use the settings, sharpening it for yourself or by rolling back the database of answers to the desired state: Here is a concept that began with the desire to try some some kind of toy folding message functionality. My story affects this, your comments are welcome.

    6.1 Template Panel Menus

    6.2 Row view

    7. Personal and private

    8. Session Verification

    9. Settings

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