My video resume

    In connection with my job search, I decided to be creative and made a video like a video resume with my friends:

    In order to create any video you need a script and an idea of ​​what should be in the picture. And most importantly, the resources available.

    Of the available resources were:
    • A friend with a camera that writes video (I never had to write a video)
    • Up to $ 100 money
    • Evening for shooting and evening for editing

    In fact, I had no idea how to meet the deadline and I went for inspiration to the shopping center, where I came across a stationery store, and then I had the idea to present all the information about myself in the form of application pictures. For this purpose, whatman paper, colored paper, sticky paste, special cloud-shaped stickers, colored pencils and paints were bought (in fact, there are still a lot of things, but they were not needed).

    On the way home, I already knew about how I would draw, and prepared a workplace: the back of the chest of drawers with the attached sheet of Whatman paper and lit with all available lamps in my room.

    A friend of Eldar came with a camera and his girlfriend Elma and took up the work of the operator (set up a tripod, adjusted white balance and focus on paper). Then we came up with this funny smiley that can move our lips and eyebrows (pieces of colored paper are planted on chewing gum). And then went continuous shooting.
    Elma painted the headlines with paint, I made graphics, and Eldar shot. We did not begin to correct anything when something did not work out, but showed just the process. In the process, we uncorked the wine so that the process went more fun and had fun further. About 200 frames were shot.

    Then these frames were driven into MovieMaker and an audio track was added (McFly - Hypnotised composition). It was a bit worth tinkering with the delays between frames and throwing a few so that the audio track worked properly, and here is the result.

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