And what can you do in Linux after you configure it?

    A short note on what you can do on Linux. After reading this topic , and commenting, and reading comments ... it became somehow offensive :) But still ... I’ll say right away that this is not Linux propaganda. Simply, many people think that Linux is interesting while you configure it. I myself like picking it myself, but you can do other things.

    I am a designer in the past, for the most part sites, but also as a techie I worked quite a lot. I took the first photo I got in google

    and worked a little above it.

    Of course, you need to consider that the photo is low resolution, and that I spent 20 minutes on everything. If you take a normal photo, you can rivet a very decent make-up, and generally anything.

    I also drew a layout of a brochure website, like business cards. For the manufacture of which I spent 30-40 minutes. Photoshop and GIMP are two different things, each with its own "+" and "-", but in reality almost everything you do in Win + Phototshop can also be done on Mac / Win / Linux + GIMP. I constantly make art photos of my relatives there, order calendars from my office in my polygraph office, and give them to them. Now I even like gimp more than Ps, and I don’t even touch my PS, =) it paid for itself a long time ago and that’s it. If anyone will be interested, I can source the source where the thread + a couple of source codes of complex work =) Related links, at the request of workers:

    Also popular now: