In Berlin, developers showed their vision of a smart car

Last weekend in Berlin was Media Hack Day - Connected Car . As part of this event, several design and development teams tried to find a place for the Internet in our cars. In fact, today at the wheel we can only rely on radio and navigation, and smart technologies like Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto are only developing. With the support of what3words, Spotify, TomTom, Der Spiegal, Bosch and other partners over the weekend, several projects were born that are designed to make cars smarter.

Each company has established its own prize. The what3words award was given to the creators of the unique what3trackz project . This product uses the what3words, Spotify, and TomTom APIs for an extraordinary task.

It all starts with a simple one - you want to get somewhere, and you need a route. You drive a 3-word address into the navigator, and the what3words API converts it into coordinates. Then TomTom takes the coordinates and makes a route to them. The Spotify API is not idle, and it selects musical compositions that contain words from the address in the name. What kind of music you will listen to on the road depends on where you keep going.

You can learn more about the creation of what3trackz developers on the project page on GitHub . Also within the framework of the hackathon, such developments as mydio , DIVA Entertainment System , Concert Drive flashedand a product for those who really love cars - PS Welt . This link provides a complete list of tools that have been proposed to development teams in order to make cars smarter. You can imagine what your product would look like.

Media Hack Day has passed, and all participants have already received their awards. However, we are closely following such events, and are ready to establish a special prize for developers who find the most unexpected use of our API. If you are ready to take part in the hackathon, you should pay attention to the largest event in Europe - Hack4Europe . Everyone has a chance to compete for prizes from HP, PayPal, Uber and other companies, as well as for a special prize from what3words.

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