Base on mobile phones

    It would seem that the sale of mobile phones on the network is so popular that such a trifle as a database on them should not even attract attention. As it turned out, everything is not so simple.
    By the will of fate, at the moment I'm messing with over the contrived online store of mobile phones. And here's to you - the seemingly simplest task turned out to be the most unpleasant. All you need to get / create a database with specifications for all (at least the main / running) phone models.

    In general, either I don’t know how to search, or such a database simply does not exist. Parsing any other sites is not grateful, because most of them are also sparsen from somewhere, and most of them are not universal.

    Already I was thinking of creating some kind of community, like wikipedia, where by the universal forces of the world online community to create a normal, unified database on the phones.

    I wrote it here so far. Can someone see this text and express their opinion?

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