Kodak Impresses Its Name in Digital Printing History

    Kodak seems to have made another breakthrough in the industry, already glorified by its achievements in the development and promotion of photography.

    At the presentation, held on Tuesday in New York, several models of printers were presented, as well as inks for them, created using the latest revolutionary technology.

    This ink, as promised by Kodak, will allow you to print photos that will not lose their appearance for as long as 100 years! In addition, they are two times cheaper than analogues from current market leaders - HP, Epson and Canon. And this is already confirmed by independent testing.

    For the first time in 5 years, the company released an update for its line of large, full-featured EasyShare printers. And they also amaze with their performance: very fast printing of color images at a relatively low price will surely bring them well-deserved popularity.

    via Gizmodo (with pictures)

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