.Com domain zone is 30 years old

    The era of domains began back in 1985. Symbolics.com became the first registered domain, the record for which was created on March 15, 1985 and has not been deleted since. This date is considered the birthday of the .com domain. In commemoration of this event, we offer you an easy Friday post about various interests and oddities associated with domain names.

    The first domain zones were .com, .net, .org, .edu, .mil, .gov, delegated on January 1, 1985, and in the same 1985, in February, the first geographical domain zones began to appear. Domain registrations were rare in those days. In 1985, only 6 .com, 1 .net and 1 .org domains were registered. And .edu became the leader in registration, in which as many as 20 domains were registered in a year. At the moment, these numbers seem ridiculous, now there are more domains registered per minute than in the whole of 1985. Currently, it is estimated that there are about 285 million domains, of which 112 million (about 39%) are in .com. And this is despite the fact that the number of domain zones has managed to increase to 800, and this growth continues.

    Over the past 30 years, people have managed to do a lot of interesting, and sometimes just funny. For example, many sources claim that all domains of the form aaa [..] aa.com are occupied for any permissible number of letters “a”. This information is persistently reprinted from one article about domain oddities to another, but I decided to check it out myself. And I have good news: you have the opportunity to join the a-community right now. Domains with 28, 29, 31, 38, 39, 42, 43, 45, 47, 50 (could not resist), 51, 53, 55, 57, 58, 59, 61 with the letters “a” in the .com zone are available for registration , and in the .net zone - and even more, almost everything starting with 11 letters. If you have taken any of these domains, please unsubscribe in the comments, brag. About other domain facts that you lacked in life, further in the text.

    Useless statistics

    The average length of a domain (as useful as the average temperature in a hospital) is 11 characters. The most common first letter of domains is s. Perhaps because more words begin with this letter in English than others. The cheapest top-level domain is .tk, which can be registered for free, the most expensive is the Nigeria .ng domain, for which you will have to pay $ 40,000 per year.

    New domain zones

    Some consider them to be one big oddity, others as compensation for the over-employment of the .com zone. However, the fact remains. If you run your eyes through the new zones, you can collect interesting statistics about those who support them, their goals, values, etc.

    Adult Zones

    One of the most popular values, as always, is the adult industry, for which there are already at least 4 separate domains (.adult, .porn, .sexy, .xxx), and the Sint Maarten .sx geo-domain is sometimes adapted. According to one focused study, among the million most popular sites, the adult industry includes about 4%, among search queries - about 13%. In 2011, 2.5% of all Internet users visited at least once a month one webcam resource.


    Perhaps the most controversial domain zone, which has chosen a very interesting monetization policy. Do you own a trademark and do not want to one day see a domain of the type yourcompany.sucks on the Internet? Pay $ 2499 in the sunrise period. And then you can even create a website on it with the only phrase: “No, it is not.” However, the trademark registry policy is quite strict and will not save you from registering yourcompanyreally.sucks or yourcompanytotally.sucks domain by someone. In the future, registration / renewal will cost $ 249. But there will also be two special types of registration. One will allow you to simply block the possibility of registering a domain for $ 199, the other will exclusively direct the domain to the appropriate forum thread on everything.sucks website (only $ 9.95 per year). The name of the site in itself is curious.

    New geographical areas

    The first city that considered itself steep enough for its own domain zone was Los Angeles. At that time, even new suffixes were not so widely practiced, but an initiative group of businessmen found a way out and took under the wing of the Laos geo-domain - .la, which began to be actively positioned as a city domain. But with the active introduction of additional suffixes, some more cities and regions decided that they were already large enough and adult for their own domain zones. Among them: London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Sydney, Zurich, Moscow, the province of Quebec and others.

    Big and proud companies

    Some companies decided that they are also large enough and proud for their domain zones and are willing to pay $ 25,000 per year (about the same cost of maintaining their own suffix) to demonstrate their coolness. And if I can understand Google, Youtube or Yandex in this regard, then why is it more difficult to understand why my own domain zone, for example, of a Japanese company with the name Otsuka Pharmaceutical, which is somewhat dissonant for the Russian ear, is more difficult to understand. But if they open public registration, surely the .otsuka domain will be able to become a competitor to .sucks on the Internet.

    Domain of a nonexistent country

    Of course, we all know him. This is a domain .su, which was delegated to the Soviet Union on 09/19/1990, and soon after that the union itself collapsed. In most cases, in such situations, the domain will be divided over time (for example, this was the case with Yugoslavia and its .yu domain, which was blocked in 2008 and removed from the delegation in 2010). But the domain .su for not very clear reasons fell in love with users. At the moment, there are more than 100 thousand domains in it. The zone showed stable growth until January 2014, and now it has approximately reached the “shelf”.

    Measure length

    Despite the love of the Germans and the Dutch to say the whole sentence in one word, the record-holder along the length of the one-word domain was the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in Wales. For those who are charged with so many letters in their eyes, I’ll simplify the task: Llanweirpullgvingillogerheverndrobullantilisilogogogh. From Welsh, this big and beautiful word is translated as “the Church of St. Mary in the hollow of the white hazel near the whirlpool and the church of St. Tisilio near the red cave.” The site itself can hardly be called very informative, but they are clearly proud of the length of the name: llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch.com .

    Ahh effect

    Coca-Cola acquired not only the ahh.com domain for its Ahh Effect promotion, but also all other options with the number of letters "h" up to 62 (the maximum length of a domain name). Unlike aaaaa, each of the domains has a real separate site, all sites are different and actively supported. On some, it’s quite possible to stick for a while.

    The most expensive domains

    Many have heard about the sale of the domain sex.com for 13 million dollars. But this is by no means the most expensive domain in history. In 2007 VacationRentals.com went under the hammer for 35 million evergreen presidents. Other major purchases include fund.com for $ 15 million and insure.com for $ 14 million and others. In total, the 20 most expensive domain sales are worth $ 150 million.

    The most voluminous registration

    In April 2012, a single person registered 14,962 domains in a single day. “Cybersquatter,” you scream and run after the pitchfork. Yes, that is right. And very greedy, as he himself admits. However, this allows him to earn about 400 thousand dollars a month from domain sales, registering about 300 new domains per day. A pitchfork with a pitchfork, but dominance is a very difficult business, and the man clearly succeeded in it.

    Domain hacks

    This is the name of the domains, which together with the suffix form a single word. The first domain hacks were inter.net (11/23/1992) and pla.net (11/03/1997). Since then, it has become common practice, and some domain hacks have even sold for good money. Below are some examples.
    • youtu.be was acquired by our beloved YouTube
    • goo.gl is used by Google to shorten addresses. They own g.co
    • In the .co domain zone, several domain hacks and contractors were located at once: in addition to the mentioned g.co, e.co, a.co (Amazon), t.co (Twitter) are also used.
    • Instagram previously used the instagr.am domain, but later switched to instagram.com
    • whi.ch went to Which.co.uk for $ 21,840, answe.rs was sold by Answers.com for $ 20,000. local.ly became the most expensive domain hack and was sold for $ 100,000
    • other hacks less known on our open spaces: bi.ng, pep.si, ti.me, blo.gs, po.st

    Just a bad choice

    There are a lot of articles on the Internet about how you do not need to choose domains, with illustrative examples. Let these examples be a warning to everyone who plans to acquire a domain in the near future. Often the merging of words in a domain leads to a double meaning. The completely different meaning of certain sound combinations in different languages ​​can lead to it (one of the examples I mentioned above).
    • www.blackhatebook.com - Black Hat eBook turns search engine into racist Black Hate Book (black hatred book)
    • www.apetit.com - Finnish site for recipes for English-speaking users will look like Ape Tit, which in a very literary translation will mean "chest of the highest primacy"
    • www.hollandshitfestival.nl is quite a civil event of Holland's Hit Festival, but its domain may raise the question, what kind of Holland Shit Festival is it, and what do they do there in their Netherlands?
    • www.mp3shits.com - could become a haven for true fans of lossless formats
    • www.whorepresents.com - whoRepresents? com directory. But if, again, broken up differently, you get a great site name for adults.
    • www.therapistfinder.com - an even more noble site for finding therapists with a certain gap will turn into a search for rapists. Has your neighborhood become too boring and calm at night? Visit TheRapistFinder.com.

    All with a holiday, with Friday, and thanks to the domains for having them.

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