Geolocation support and fixed thumbnails of the Express panel in the Vivaldi assembly


    In the next weekly build under the number, ​​we decided to please you with an impressive list of fixed bugs. Many will be glad to see our work on restoring the function of creating page thumbnails on the Express panel. However, there is something else interesting. In particular, we have added support for geolocation.

    Geolocation support

    Yes, we have added this useful (as marketers say) function to the Vivaldi browser. Now each dog using this technology websites will be able to determine where you are and offer a lot of intrusive servicesUseful services right next to your location. However, we promised that you will be provided with maximum control over the browser, so you can decide for yourself whether to provide access to geolocation data or not, using the appropriate pop-up dialog box:


    Thumbnails of the Express panel

    We have completed the first stage of fixing the function of creating thumbnails on the Express panel and now they should be created automatically when adding a new cell. The function of individual updating of sketches using the corresponding button also started working again. In fact, there is still a lot of work to debug and improve, and there are also mistakes to be made, but we have taken the first steps in the right direction and plan not to stop there.

    Known problems The

    alternative library FFMpeg has ceased to be picked up by the browser, we plan to fix it for the next versions.

    That's all for today. You can download the new assembly using the links below:

    Full list of changes:

    • VB-9330 [regression] Offscreen thumbnail generation stopped working on Speed ​​Dial: also fixes to Speed ​​Dial thumbnails when visiting a site; more work still needed
    • VB-9508 Missing default search in addressfield after deleting some search engines
    • VB-5940 Notes: Attaching an image updates the URL: Only update the note url for the first attached image, and only for screen-shots.
    • VB-9316 Crash when url ends with / 30% 30 or / 300: backport fix for
    • VB-8397 Implementation of Mozilla location services for Geolocation support
    • VB-9512 Can not enter capital letter K anywhere in the UI: Temporarily removing mail shortcut; But this fix will only work for new profiles. Old profiles would need to remove the shortcut manually. A further fix is ​​needed
    • VB-6005 Change interval of UI Zoom slider to 5% instead of 10%: Increasing precision of zoom slider tick datalist
    • VB-9506 File urls not shown in history urlfield search
    • VB-5245 Edit menu items do not work
    • VB-8481 Web panel should use a mobile / tablet User Agent by default
    • VB-8279 Cant go back from error page
    • VB-1513 “Page Actions” problems
    • VB-8898 No alert for language switching
    • VB-8595 UI scale change affects names on Bookmarks bar
    • VB-1785 Address field autocomplete starts with each new word in bookmark hits: Use OR not AND for search in bookmarks
    • VB-9431 Keying down in bookmark manager does not scroll down the tree
    • VB-8621 Browser keeps asking access to camera even if already clicked 'Allow'.
    • VB-9390 [regression] Panel toggle dead when panels hidden
    • VB-9285 Notes: Empty state instructions shown / blink each time Notes panel is turned on
    • VB-8007 Let panel order in Settings dialog match order in panel toolbar and menus
    • VB-8752 Unable to use spatial naviation without cookie control enabled.
    • VB-9425 Flickr locks up UI
    • VB-9204 Need clearer sorting indicator in bookmarks manager: Removing drop-shadow and padding
    • VB-9428 Report browser version in diagnostic message
    • VB-9418 Regression: Some sites (YouTube) no longer offer an appropriate video format (eg WebM or Flash): the fix breaks the usage of alternative ffmpeg lib for proprietary media. We will look into this again
    • VB-1859 Internal pages should have their own site info graphic: Adding addressfield indicator for internal pages.
    • VB-3301 Vivaldi crashes when trying to generate thumbnail for vivaldi: // apps
    • VB-7850 Cannot add items to bookmarks bar: Pressing ⌘ / Ctrl now copies bookmarks while dragging and dropping in bookmarks panel
    • VB-2718 Various field edition bugs in bookmarks manager: Bookmark editing
    • VB-8218 Create own setting for our own usage statistics

    We remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to back up important data. Report errors found at the previous address .

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