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io.js 1.5.1 and community events.

Io.js 1.5.1 release

On Monday, March 9th, @rvagg released io.js v1.5.1 . A complete list of changes can be found on GitHub .

Major changes

  • tls : In this release, thanks to many commits, the problem with a previously declared memory leak in TLS was resolved. Current tests indicate that there may still be some kind of memory leak problem. Stay tuned for full progress at # 1075 .
  • http : The problem stated in joyent / node # 9348 and npm / npm # 7349 has been resolved . Pending data was not completely processed during the event 'error', leading to an error in socket.destroy(). (Fedor Indutny) # 1103 .

Known Issues

  • Perhaps there are still problems with a memory leak in TLS, detailed information is in # 1075 .
  • Some tests on Windows still fail. Correction of errors associated with them continues to remain a priority for us. See # 1005 .
  • Surrogate pair in REPL may cause terminal # 690 to freeze .
  • Cannot build io.js as static library # 686 .
  • process.send()not synchronous, as described in the documentation, rollback introduced in 1.0.2, see # 760 and editing in # 774 .
  • A call dns.setServers()during the execution of a DNS query may lead to the abnormal termination of process # 894 .

Community news

Expected Events

  • NodeConf On June 8th and 9th in Auckland, California, tickets are available for sale. And also NodeConf Adventure from June 11th to 14th at Walker Creek Ranch, California.
  • CascadiaJS from June 8th to 10th in Washington State, tickets are available for sale.
  • NodeConf EU September 6th-9th, Waterford, Ireland, tickets available for sale.

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