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At the moment, BlackBerry is experiencing very serious problems - no one liked their first flagship phone, one of the co-founders relied on a dark horse to buy the company, and the company itself can be divided between bidders offering the highest prices. So what is to be done to this once dominant player in the smartphone market in the light of these vague and depressing forecasts? What can a company do to support dedicated BlackBerry fans watching their friends and colleagues move to other platforms?

It's hard to say, but at the moment, BlackBerry plans to reassure people in an old-fashioned manner - with an open letter, a company from Waterloo published a message to people in 30 newspapers from nine countries explaining why it is not worth writing off the company.

You can read the full text of the letter at the end of the article, but you are unlikely to find anything new in it. Lack of debt, cash reserves and vast experience in providing productive mobile computing for secure corporate environments. It’s a reasonable position, with the possible exception of the praises of the team regarding the popularity of BBM as a global social messaging platform. Its initial launch for iOS and Android did not go according to plan - almost three weeks have passed since the application appeared in the respective app stores, and still, there is not a word about when BlackBerry opens its doors again.

It is also curious that the letter was signed by the BlackBerry team and not, say, director Torsten Haines. This clearly indicates that not a single person can be blamed for the current precarious situation of the company, or that the future of the company lies entirely on the shoulders of one single person. Of course, in the near future, this team will have to decrease, because by the end of the year 4,500 people are expected to be fired. All this is done, ostensibly, for the common good, but there is no guarantee that the company's measures to reduce costs will be enough to lead the platform to victory.

To our esteemed customers, partners and fans.

You have undoubtedly seen news about BlackBerry. And you are probably wondering what they mean to you, one of the tens of millions of users who rely on BlackBerry daily.

We have one important message for you:

You can still rely on BlackBerry.

How do we know? We have a large supply of cash and lack of debt.

We are carrying out a reorganization, the purpose of which is to reduce costs by 50% to create a very effective, customer-oriented organization.

Without a doubt, these are difficult times for us and we cannot underestimate the situation or ignore the challenges. We are making the necessary complex changes to strengthen BlackBerry.

The only thing that we will never change is our commitment to those of you who help make BlackBerry the most reliable tool for global business professionals.

And if we talk about headlines, we can note our achievements in several areas.

Best-in-class productivity tools
best security
The best mobile device management for businesses
Best Mobile Social Network

Yes, there are many competitors and we understand that BlackBerry is not for everyone. This is normal. You always knew that BlackBerry is different, and that can distinguish you. Countless important decisions, deals, and critical negotiations were made with BlackBerry. And for many of you, this connection, this connection lasted more than a decade.

We believe in BlackBerry - in our people, in our technology and ability to adapt. More importantly, we believe in you. Every day we focus on what will help you take care of your business.

You trust your BlackBerry in delivering the most important messages, trust our own message: you can continue to count on us.

The BlackBerry Team

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