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    Hello, Habr!
    Today we want to talk about our new development . This is a cloud-based IP-PBX service with a focus on flexibility and reliability, which should provide our users with the capabilities that are usually inherent in traditional solutions.
    For details, welcome to cat.

    At the first stage of development, it was decided to concentrate on the architecture of the service, lay great potential for development, provide the possibility of horizontal scaling, take into account everything necessary for the implementation of fault tolerance, and protect the user as much as possible from all sorts of problems associated with the growth of his needs.
    From the point of view of functionality, for a start, we decided to limit ourselves to the foundation of any IP-PBX - to implement a flexible SIP server as a SaaS.

    Since we are still thinking about the monetization model, the service is absolutely free. But in the future we plan to keep the possibility of using the freemium service for free.

    Current features

    Are common:

    - Easy setup via web interface
    - Support for voice transcoding
    - Flexible routing of calls between trunks and SIP user accounts
    - Recording conversations with sending by email
    - Detailed call history
    - Automatic formatting of caller and destination numbers (CallerID & DID)
    - The service can be used along with any telecom operators and / or integrate with other SIP services.

    Creating SIP Users:

    - Support for SIP / TLS + SRTP, ZRTP (direct and MiTM) encryption
    - Ability to park your own domains, or use ours to create identifiers.
    - Setting codecs supported by the client.
    - Ability to limit the registration of SIP users from IP subnets

    Trunk Support:

    - Authorization by IP and login / password
    - Ability to restrict by IP
    - Setting up supported codecs
    - Formatting caller and destination numbers (CallerID & DID) in accordance with the requirements of telecom operators

    Next we plan to prepare a series of articles on various applications

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    What would you be interested to read about?

    • 40.4% On the possibility of reducing communication costs 40
    • 41.4% About the use of numbers of different countries, and how to get an alternative to roaming 41
    • 48.4% About the organization of secure communication, encryption and the inability to wiretap 48
    • 64.6% About the architecture of the service and the solutions used in it 64
    • 44.4% About service development plans 44

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