Microsoft will continue to release Windows XP after the release of Windows 7

    Microsoft will continue to ship the Windows XP operating system for installation on netbooks after Windows 7 is released, ZDNet News reports citing a statement from a Microsoft representative.

    Microsoft believes that Windows 7 on ultra-cheap computers will be more popular than XP. As a result, Windows 7 PCs will simply push similar machines with an older operating system out of the market.

    Recall that sales of Windows XP stopped on June 30, 2008. After that, only Windows XP Home remained in the OEM version, designed for installation on ultra-budget computers.

    It was previously reported that deliveries of Windows XP Home for ultra-budget desktops and laptops will last until mid-2010. Whether this date will change after the release of Windows 7 is unknown.

    Windows 7 should be the successor to Windows Vista. The exact release date for this OS is unknown, but analysts and market participants expect it to appear either at the end of 2009 or at the beginning of 2010.

    Windows 7 will be released in six versions. One of them, characterized by truncated functionality, will be designed for installation on ultradeche computers. In accordance with a special Microsoft program, users of such computers working with Windows XP will be able to purchase the corresponding version of Windows 7 at a discount.

    A beta version of the Windows 7 operating system was posted on the Microsoft website on January 9, 2009. Within a month, anyone could download it. ©

    PS: I would really like to wait for Service Pack 4 for Windows XP.

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