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    Oslo - pipe

    Why is IE 6 so firmly ass (this word haunts me) in the minds of the user? What is the portrait of those using IE 6 ? Will IE 6 kick its hooves? And what to do to those who have not yet understood this?

    Most had, and just over 20% of Internet users have, the peculiarity of trusting their habits. I admit, I also clung and did not want to change from IE. Now I do not find a single argument in favor of IE 6 , but there are four against:

    1. No tabs;
    2. Sites with a high probability are displayed clumsily;
    3. After the browser closes incorrectly, the last viewed pages must be searched again;
    4. Saving the page occurs with a new request, and not from the cache.

    I remember the release of IE 5.5 , which compared to IE 5 was able to save a page with pictures; it was cool. But that was the year 2000. I remember browser wars in which IE came out the winner. And because of Netscape was only ashes in the form of the engine under a free license MPL (Mozilla Public License), that IE 6 became a monopolist. The idea that there are IE 6 and alternative browsers was saturated in the minds of users .

    The problem with users is in the habit. Not that there is no way to download the update or another browser. Too lazy to accept changes ... As for the portrait of IE 6 users- There is only one category that deserves to be thought of: “non-advanced” users. These are those who are not interested in all the fuss with the versions and who just want to use the Internet, mail , etc. They can easily be transferred to new versions of browsers, explaining in one line that the browser is outdated and you need to download the update. The developers' problem is wasting their time on typesetting and finding fixes for IE 6 . When it comes to commerce, you can spend your time for other people's money. As for my projects, I already have an opinion and I do not do support for IE 6 . My site humorously sends gray-haired users to update the browser. Also did Andrei Sabinin

    Against all IE6At the elections

    (  s_a_p ) . On the site of our joint project, we did softer: a warning is displayed; at the same time, the site somehow honestly opens and works.

    Remembering the output of DivX (video codec) , a picture pops up before my eyes, as everyone asks each other: “Do you know why the film is not shown? There is sound, no picture! ” To which they received a question-answer: "Do you have a codec installed?" While IE 6 has come to an end, so it happened that the technology does not stand still. I want to do a normal layout, and not "under IE 6"Or any other browser taken separately, I want to go forward, fortunately there is everything for this. And while we think that this is not possible, all the same cars will go off the assembly line of the VAZ without any improvements, and website developers will still make a fixed layout. Or will not :-)?

    Meanwhile, the site of the All-Russian Register of Museums keeps the memory of IE 4 :

    Pop-up warning from one site

    1. Irrelevant information has been removed from the article.
    2. List of those who abandoned IE 6 :
    - drupal.ru (not within the rules, text below)
    - eugene.getmanenko.ru
    - greatwords.ru
    - htmlbook.ru
    - respectiva.ru
    - sap.in

    Please send links to my mail - johnget@mail.ru. It is considered a rejection of IE6: a ban on displaying in IE6 or a warning message on all pages.

    3. Cool selection of links. To laugh at people’s stupidity is allowed:
    - On the Kuban forum stubborn fools IE 6 users defend their point of view
    - Article with Lurkmore

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