Automation or trying to find the impossible. Reflections on the past and present.

    Don’t spit it, everyone uses some kind of accounting and warehouse program, someone writes for themselves, someone tries to buy what others wrote for themselves, someone tries to steal what they bought from those who wrote for themselves.
    As a result, we get confusion and reeling.
    I did not see a single program to put and work. It is necessary to tighten up something, fasten, rewrite, update, i.e. participate in the process.
    What they sell is simply impossible to use.

    And we get something like this, almost one-sided dialogue between the seller of the program and the automation:

    Here you see what a beautiful program, what cool icons, buttons and chips.
    This program is just a miracle, it can do everything!
    What? we don’t have what you need?
    And we have a module!
    We will sell it to you!
    Want to?
    Only it needs to be rewritten for you, and instead of adding it, it calculates the integral of the square root of your revolutions.
    How much does it cost?
    How much do you feel sorry for?
    Nooo! it's too little!
    It costs a lot more.
    Why so much?
    We need to feed that one programmer who wrote all this!
    Well, the 30th person in our office, in addition, should someone sell what he wrote. And somehow it turns out unsportsmanlike.
    Do you agree? Super.
    And what iron do you have?
    What? 2-processor PIII 1.4 GHz with two gigs of memory? Are you laughing
    Yes, on it, probably the first thought will slow down, and not our super program.
    We recommend at least 2 4-processor servers with 4 GB of memory and 300-400 gigabyte drives.
    Why so many? Well then!
    We put you MSSQL, but does he know how memory loves? And by the way, do you have MSSQL?
    How is it not?
    Do you have Oracle? Also no? Our program almost supports it, well, in the sense it will be necessary to correct the scripts on request a little.
    By the way, we can sell you Oracle or MSSQL, do you want to?
    A non-stolen MSSQL will not work, it will wildly slow down and in general, if you want to buy a program like ours, you will not find another couple thousand dollars for a license for 5 users?
    And we will give you a discount of $ 10 per place if you buy it from us, we have Microsoft and Oracle in friends.
    You do not want? Want to work on Unix?
    What is Unix? Show?
    What? Is this black screen unix?
    Where is the mouse with the cursor?
    Ah, is this a server?
    And how to configure it without a mouse, our programmer does not know how. Teach him?
    You don’t know how it works? the incoming administrator configured?
    Probably after all, our super program will not be able to work on your black screen, look at what pictures and buttons we have.
    Well, what’s up to it?
    Why is it worth so much? Well, how do you like?
    Our workplace costs 5% of the cost of the program!
    Why is it worth so much? Well, we will need to configure and maintain each workplace, so it’s expensive.
    And by the way, what is your technique?
    What? PII and 128 MB of memory? Are you crazy?
    Here you need at least P4 and 512 megabytes of memory and a 3D accelerator.
    why 3d accelerator? What do you mean why? But how will our program draw such cool buttons?
    Why such a processor and memory? what do you mean why? Our client part occupies 200 megabytes on a disk.
    and in memory even more.
    You do not have the technical ability? And no money? Why did we come to you then?
    show program? What program? Ah program!
    Well, yes, for sure.
    Well, shall we go? can? call you later?

    The result of the conversation, in principle, is one.
    In 90 percent of cases of such negotiations, they end in nothing.

    And then amateur performance begins.
    The manual comes to the automation team and says:
    “And let's write everything ourselves!” Will it be cheaper? And closer to my heart! ”
    What 2 weeks do not write? like this? everything is so simple there!
    All you need is just a receipt, consumption of goods, statement of invoices and invoices, and statistics.
    Is it that hard?

    Well then, let's start small, write something.
    We started to write.
    Time has passed ...

    Conversation: “Well, our automation engineers wrote some garbage, and let's look, can anyone write something similar?”

    The story repeats itself ad infinitum.
    Money is spent right and left, but not on business.
    Here is such garbage!

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