What is the first thing you are guided by when choosing a cloud provider - an IaaS service provider?

    Dear users of the IaaS cloud service!

    The team of the magazine "In the Cloud. Russian Federation" conducts a survey to identify the most significant criteria that actually guide the buyers of the IaaS service, choosing a service provider. We want to find out if the location of the data center and the use of branded servers, the availability of protection against DDoS attacks and the Russian-speaking technical support service are important for you, for example, or whether the price and the time slice of traffic calculation are of primary importance to you.

    Presumably, IaaS vendor selection criteria should vary depending on the size of the infrastructure transferred to the cloud. To confirm or refute this assumption, one of the first points poses the question of the volume of virtual machines involved.

    The results of the survey with expert comments will be published in the next issue of the magazine, of course, available for free download. The theme of the issue is “Infrastructure as a Service: Empowerment”.

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