Install and configure 3CX Webmeeting Server


    In this article we want to talk about installing and configuring the server version of 3CX Webmeeting - a convenient video conferencing solution based on WebRTC technology. WebMeeting does not require Internet access and can be used exclusively as an internal corporate service with simultaneous connection from 2 to 250 participants to the conference.


    The installation itself does not require much effort, the main thing is to have an external domain name, well, or up to a name that would be resolved inside the local network, provided that the conference is only internal.

    Conference setup

    To plan or create a conference you only need to set its name and select the type of client - WebRTC (Chrome browser) or your own stand-alone client from 3CX.

    Advanced mode allows you to adjust the video format and bandwidth
    • 128 kb / s to 2 mb / s
    • From QCIF to 1080p
    • 5 to 30 frames per second

    Member Feature Settings

    • Sharing from 128kb / s to 2 Mb / s

    You can limit users to communication channels in advance, or you can do this during the conference.

    Information on resource loading is available in the Monitor section for the administrator.

    Download the address book for conference invitations from a text file.

    Preload documents for general viewing.
    Applications and utilities for users.

    To create a conference

    Set a topic and click the " Create Conference" button .

    You can add participants or send, then the link will be sent by email or send an invitation in any convenient way.

    If the client is already installed, click " Is the conference client already installed?" and the application will start automatically.

    Windows client


    WebRTC Client


    • Download 3CX WebMeeting Server at

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