Let's Lab. IS-IS routing protocol. Part 2

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Hello, Habr!

Concepts and rules! They surround us everywhere. What to eat, how to cross the road, why you should not lick frogs and how to transfer packets if you are a router. A lot of all kinds of things have to be kept in mind by a network engineer. Sometimes you don’t understand whether you need to know all the LSA types in OSPF, on which port TCP sessions are built in BGP, and is it important to learn something new every day, while not forgetting the old one.

One way or another, it’s too early to move on to practice until there is an understanding of theory. The release will have a lot of concepts that I will try to explain to you. I poured all the water and history into the first issue. And this release will consist of two sections, in the first of which I will talk in detail about topologies with IS-IS. The second section will be devoted to the data exchanged by routers in IS-IS.

And here what will be discussed:
Is it hard to be a router with OSPF or IS-IS on board?
How do OSPF and IS-IS build a topology?
L1, L2, L1 / L2 routers and where to attach them.
What is Partial route calculation and how does ISPF work?
Why do we need a bunch of Area, and are they so important?
Does IS-IS need a virtual link?
Change Area number without downtime?
Why is IS-IS called the L2 protocol?
Grandma, why do you need more MTU?
What are PDUs and what are they in IS-IS?
Why do I love Overload bit so much?
And how to shove ip prefixes and a cheeseburger into the OSI protocol?

The next issue has more fun. Give the command line!

There is no text article under the cut. Only links to literature and sources.

Part 1 is here.

Reading books (including OSPF):

H.Gredler-The Complete IS-IS Routing Protocol-2005
Abe Martey - Cisco Press - IS-IS Network Design Solutions
Cisco Press - Routing.TCP.IP.Volume.1.2nd.Edition.Oct.2005
Wendell Odom, Rus Healy, Denise Donohue - CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide 4th Edition - 2009
CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Official Cert Guide Volume 1

great CiscoLive presentation on ISIS
OSPF tuning, including ISPF and PRC
great article on ISIS in Junos and PDU with inetzero.com
dumps traffic
OSI protocols, in Russian!
a little more about PDUs, capacious and with depths
deeper into PDUs with wireshark
examples of forming a database
big ISIS blog with practice

By criticizing you, you can influence the next release. For the better.
PS Issues are similar to CBT Nuggets. I really like their presentation format. My respect to Jeremy Cioara .

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