DevCon 2015: announcement of the second wave of speakers and conference reports

    Dear friends! We are pleased to introduce you the second wave of speakers at the DevCon 2015 conference and to introduce you to some topics and the next details of the technical program of the conference. We previously announced more than ten speakers of DevCon 2015, a description and detailed information about their reports can be found in this article . At the very beginning, I would like to share with you information about foreign guests who will visit our country and especially for the participants of the DevCon 2015 conference will tell about the most interesting and share their experiences. John Galloway


    (Jon Galloway) Web Development Specialist, ASP.NET and Azure from the Microsoft team of experts in the United States will share the latest news from the world of web development on the Microsoft platform. John will make two reports that will be devoted to the most relevant news - the new version of the ASP.NET MVC 6 framework and the internal structure of the ASP.NET 5 platform. We are looking forward to John in Russia at DevCon 2015! You can follow his activity on Twitter @jongalloway and his blog .

    DevCon 2015 welcomes Dmitry Nikonov , US Vice President of Innovation Technology at VIAcode, who specifically agreed to visit us and give a presentation on the deep and important topic of DevOps, release management and closed loop ALM.

    We are again pleased to see Evgeny Chigirinsky , the head of the development team and an experienced Microsoft veteran, at the conference . This year, Eugene will share with the audience of DevCon 2015 his rich experience in developing the largest cloud projects, including, the largest portal on the Internet. Another topic that Eugene will address will be the topic of deploying cloud applications in the Azure cloud, including using the popular Chef technology. We are very pleased to welcome colleagues Vladimir Kolesnikov and Nicolas Metulev from the Microsoft USA expert group, who, together with the general speaker of the plenary report


    Giorgio Sardo will come to us to talk about the latest updates from Microsoft. Colleagues will certainly speak at the opening of the conference, and will also make a number of reports in the conference program on the development of the latest Windows applications.

    In addition to colleagues from abroad, experts from Russia are also invited to the DevCon 2015 conference, who represent technical companies and communities of our country. Among them: Aleksey Losev - the head of the development team from Life FG, who at the conference will talk about the technologies of statistical analysis of processes using a real-life example of analyzing team bugs for two years with a Shekhart control card. We are pleased to once again welcome to the DevCon 2015 Stanislav Vychepana


    - Consultant on the development of business applications and Microsoft MVP, who will talk about the most popular TypeScript technology and share his experience in the effective use of TypeScript in practice.

    Another real life example will be shared by Denis Kretov , technical director of the Russian company Notissimus, who will talk about iBeacon technology in payment solutions and a cross-platform solution created using Azure and Xamarin for iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone. We are very pleased to introduce Igor Shcheglovitov , a senior engineer from Kaspersky Lab, who in his report at DevCon 2015 will talk about the organization of testing processes and the construction of a quality assurance infrastructure on the Microsoft platform.


    Another guest of honor at the DevCon 2015 conference is Vladimir Gusarov , who currently runs the Dell development office in Moscow and is an experienced developer, Microsoft MVP since 2010 and a veteran of many conferences. Vladimir will make a presentation at the conference on the topic of effective application development in the report track on development tools. Dmitry Nesteruk , developer, speaker, podcast, trainer, technical evangelist of JetBrains,

    will give other reports in the track of development tools . Dmitry is engaged in development and integration with the field of computing, financial engineering and algorithmic trading. At DevCon 2015, Dmitry will share with the participants his knowledge and tricks of the modern C # programming language.

    In addition to our wonderful guests, DevCon 2015 will also be attended by my colleagues, Microsoft development and technology experts. Meet: Igor Sychev - Microsoft Premier Support Engineer at a conference to talk about the effective use of Git in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio and TFS / VSO development tools. Tatyana Smetanina , an expert on strategic technologies, will tell conference participants about the latest innovations in cross-platform development tools for mobile and other applications from Microsoft. Andrey Ivashentsev


    - The head of the technological evangelism department at Microsoft Russia will present the most interesting reports about the latest Microsoft game development technologies. Stay tuned for Build, GDC and Ignite news and conferences and our announcements.

    And in conclusion, we are pleased to introduce Andrei Beshkov , Head of the Information Security Program, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe. Andrey is one of the best speakers in Russia and an expert on information security in our country. At DevCon 2015, Andrei will give a presentation on developing secure applications, in which you will learn how to create threat models and predict the next steps for attackers, how to develop applications in such a way as to protect them securely and to protect the privacy of your customers.

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