Do it with love - an application that teaches you to love

    Make it out of love - a conceptual application for android that helps you learn to love and popularizes such a phenomenon as the language of life circumstances.

    We propose to conduct a personal experiment and pump in activity out of love.


    The application is based on the statistical probability of giving advice at the right time to do an act with love that will pull you out of template behavior and, possibly, will be the language of life circumstances.

    The language of life circumstances is always individual, someone will receive a notification during a quarrel, someone near a tramp in need of food, someone at a meeting with a soul mate whom he is afraid to come to meet ...

    Link to the free version in gplay: Donation


    Application site, with an extended description :

    A two-week experience of personal use and testing with friends, showed that the idea of ​​the application is really workable and pop-up notifications encourage good deeds and sometimes serious thoughts.

    In the future, we plan to make infographics based on collected statistics, for example by country, and to encourage those who press the red buttons.

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