Weekly build Vivaldi


    Today, the next weekly build of the Vivaldi browser was released under the number In addition to fixed bugs and a gradual improvement in browser performance, some long-awaited functions have appeared in this assembly.

    First of all, in test mode, a bookmarks bar has been added on which you can place your links by specifying the appropriate folder from existing ones in the panel settings, or by creating your own. You can also change the location of this panel by moving it to the bottom of the browser window. Naturally, this panel can be completely disabled if it is not needed :)

    Also, this assembly is also offered in the 32-bit version for Linux.

    By popular demand, we have added the ability to open bookmarks or websites from the Express panel in the background by clicking the middle mouse button (or the wheel).

    Another good news for those who like to control the browser using the keyboard: we have added the function of restoring a recently closed tab using keyboard commands (CTRL + Z and CTRL + SHIFT + T).

    And finally, the list of languages ​​into which the browser interface has been translated has expanded significantly. Now the list of localizations includes 22 languages, and to the ones that were previously added:

    • Greek
    • Spanish
    • Estonian
    • Italian
    • Latvian
    • Dutch
    • Polish
    • Portuguese (Brazilian and Portuguese options)
    • Slovak
    • Serbian
    • Ukrainian
    • Chinese (Simplified)

    It was possible to expand the list of localizations (and improve the quality of translation of all previously available) thanks to the active help of voluntary translators from among the users of the Vivaldi browser, for which many thanks to all of us are many. Currently, the Vivaldi Translation team has over 60 people from 28 countries translating the browser interface into 29 languages ​​(unfortunately, some of them are supported in Chromium, but we will soon expand the language support in our browser).

    You can download this Vivaldi browser assembly here:

    Detailed fix list:

    • VB-3499 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'btoa' of undefined
    • VB-3485 Regression: Vivaldi: // memory-redirect searches instead of showing page
    • VB-3465 Middleclicking in bookmarks does nothing
    • VB-3433 Ability to create new tab by middle mouse button (only works on mac and linux)
    • VB-3163 Issue Report: Wrong Ctrl + Tab behavior in 'Recently used' order
    • VB-2809 Fast forward doesn't recognize some links
    • VB-2636 All tabs opened in background not accessibles with CTRL (+ SHIFT) + TAB
    • VB-2332 Tab history wrong
    • VB-1662 Handle Middle Click on Speed ​​Dial
    • VB-635 Canging tab cycle order in settings is not respected until browser restart
    • VB-3367 Regression: Focus not set to URL field when opening new tab
    • VB-3263 32-bit version for Linux
    • VB-3216 Cannot close browser by top right X
    • VB-3193 Center images
    • VB-1591 Spatial navigation keyboard shortcuts
    • VB-3326 search keywords don't work
    • VB-2880 chrome-ext url completed in urlfield
    • VB-2782 protocol is not copied if I copy the URL from the address bar
    • VB-2015 search adds space before search term
    • VB-641 Shortcuts for restoring last closed tab
    • VB-3334 Fullscreen message stays forever

    We remind you that this is a test unstable assembly, so use it at your own peril and risk, not forgetting to keep a backup copy of all personal data. Found errors can be reported to us at the previous address .

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